It’s into school because of scholarship their previous school

                                         It’s Time To Pay College Athletes    Over some time, the hot topic swirling around college sports has been the issue of unionization and payment.  A growing controversy centers on whether these athletes deserve to make money for all their hard work.  In my opinion, college athletes should be paid. The benefits of them being paid can help them find their way through college. College athletes bring in a lot of money into their institution.    I think college student athletes should be paid, they should receive some money. Without some college athletes you wouldn’t have popularity in college education or sport fundamentals. Athletes bring in tons of money and should be receiving some money as their own. They should take more care of their athletes by paying them for their services, dedication; and time. Many college athletes get into school because of scholarship their previous school granted them or off of loans / parents money. Don’t you think that if the athletes got paid they would graduate and forgo their education? Students athletes don’t focus on their grades, they mainly push and strive towards the game and their college athletics records. They should be paid based off of education foundations; without a scholarship an athlete would find it hard to make it into a sport.    Most athletes do not turn into professional performers, with out a payment or education they can not move on, they will not have any experience in the end for the real world. This would give the non-athletes and advantage in the working world over the athletes. Most of the athletes that have the opportunity to leave school and turn professional do so, because college athletes live in near poverty. All college athletes play for an organization called National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA). If the school doesn’t pay them then the NCCA should pitch the idea pay their athletes to play. The NCAA requires all college athletes to maintain a 2.5 average on a course load of at least 12 credits each semester. Some might say this is not a hard requirement to maintain, but one must remember while playing a college sport, time is limited and some athletes struggle to find time to get everything done. Which means that if they can’t maintain a college education what makes them completely comfortable in the professional making. Texas A&M brings in $192.6 million just from football each year. Colleges bring in $9.15 billion every year from football activities. If they bring so much money in why can’t college play get paid? Without the players, the colleges would not bring in enough money, therefore the college wouldn’t have enough coming in every saturday or at any college event time. College players work hard to bring wins home every week. College players should be paid for their hard work, Some college athletics have family and kids. Last year $9.15 billion was made in just college football, not one dollar was given to the athletic ability. Without college, sports players would have  no money and money would not be coming in. Athletics work 6 days a week; morning and afternoon. They go to school everyday, then after class they go to practice. They give their all into football and other sports just so the college can bring in a win every week from athletics and bump up there standing record in the state. Some athletes have kids and they can’t work because of sporting activities. They practice everyday of the week which means, they maybe can’t go to work or focus on their own education. Without them working how can they provide for their families or even themselves? They have class and can’t work and get the study time they need to have a education. Getting a payment would stabilize them and give them a ground to build up on, and they could support themselves more with their families.  I conclude and believe that student athletes should definitely be paid based on the results, and what the NCCA has shown us. Students should bring this topic up more and find a solution to the payment of their services; they work hard just like any other educated student. They dedicate time and focus onto their sports, just like formal degree students do to their studies. I hope that the greed of America’s youth will never outweigh the importance of a good work ethic and a tough, yet valuable education.