It world wide. These cars started its journey to

It is almost half
century;the American beasts are racing head-to-head to become the best among
sports cars: Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. Although there are a lot of
sports cars, the most challenging cars seen for rivals are Mustang and Camaro.
Since 1967, these beasts are ruling the roads world wide. These cars started
its journey to success within a period of 1964-1969. The first Mustang touched
the road in 1964 whereas the Camaro in 1966.

History of the Beasts

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first Mustang rolled off to the roads onApril 17, 1964 whereas the Camaro was officially
announced on June 28, 1966.
( Staff, 2009, para.1; Markovich,2013,

first Mustang was designed to have a 3-speed automatic drivetrain whereas the Camaro
was having a 2-speed automatic drivetrain. (Allison, n.d., p. 1)



Type: Both Mustangand Camaro have an eight-cylinder V shaped
engine known as V8 engine. (Walker,2016, para.1)

delivers 275 hpand 295 lb-ft of torque whereas Mustang delivers 310 hp
and 320 lb-ft.(Walker,2016, para.3)

Camaro smacks 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds whereas Mustang needs about 6.3
seconds. (Walker,2016, para.3)




is having a muscular body with aerodynamic lines and shape which is having
striking stance. Camaro is designed with Taut, crisp lineswith wide stance.(Gentile,
2017, paras.1-7)

has designed the Mustang’s interior with retro touches blending. Ford’s SYNC 3 technology is used to operate the audio, calls and
the navigation inside the car which is capable to work with voice commands.Mustang
is equipped with a collision warning system with brake assist to increase the
safety. Chevrolet has made a unique sporty interior for Camaro which comes with
an eight-inch touch screen display, and a night mood cast lights.(Gentile,
2017, paras.2-8)

the cars had passed and gotfour “good” score from IIHS for different crash
tests. Camaro is equipped with blind spot indicator for lane changing
assistance and also have the facility for rear park assist.(Gentile, 2017,



The youngsters
are nowadays not only caring for the purpose, they look the style, power and
the performance of the car which they want to buy. So, the demand for sports
car are increasing widely. The car manufacturers are developing and upgrading
new features to impress their customers. In the case of Ford Mustang and
Chevrolet Camaro, it is not only for the sales, but also it is a friendly rival
between those companies.