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It gives me lot of pleasure to expatiate the potential of Mr. Mohd Iftekhar ul haq for admission into  Graduate Studies at your esteemed University. I first became acquainted with iftekhar in fifth semester of his undergraduate study at Muffakham Jah college of Engineering and technology, where i taught him Computer networks and even supervised his computer networks lab. In these undergraduate years he has grown into a very mature individual. He has always shown keenness to study further. It is very clear to me that he has the prerequisites for a masters degree.  Overall, Iftekhar is highly intelligent and his ability to apprehend the subject when it is being taught is extraordinary. He has also shown an innovative nature and ability to think from a non-conventional point of view. He has always  been steady in his academics, managing to retain his position in his class all throughout his studies. Iftekhar had significant exposure of subjects through his attention in the laboratory activities and assignments.. His prudent attention to detail, analytical thinking and remarkable academic ability particularly highlight his outstanding prospective to undertake higher studies.Iftekhar clearly has the skills and talents which are required to excel in masters program, I believe that his genuine passion for computer science and desire to improve human life with software application will enable him to succeed. Iftekhar has excellent communication skills, his oral articulateness in the seminars which were conducted were an integral part of my course. His multidimensional persona and caliber to efficiently handle every responsibility given to him branch out his adaptability even more. I am confident that his focus and determination will make him extremely successful in her future endeavors.I have a strong opinion that has incorporated the right aptitude to do well in Graduate studies and hence strongly recommend her for an admission in your university.