It method of dealing with different situations. School need

It is likely
that communication difficulties will be
encountered occasionally within the school
environment. These may be due to an area of special need or because of
individual have different attitude or belief from others in the group. There
may be numbers of different reasons that communication difficulties have
arisen, they may occur between individual or group of people.

Poor communication:
If relevant information is not passed on or there has
been a misunderstanding between people,
this could cause conflict. If this occurs, it is important to not to ignore the
problem and talk to the individual or group concerned to establish a better way
forward in the future.

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Opposing expectations: When
people are called together for a meeting, it is possible that some may have
different ideas or expectations. A team leader should always clarify the exact aims of what we are there to
do and why. For example in parents
meeting, parents not accepting their child problem such as speech problem.

Cultural difference: It is important to understand the different cultures of
adults and pupils so that communication can be effective. For example, in some cultures, it is not polite to look in eyes of another
person when talking to them, which may mean that people do not pick up on many
non-verbal cues.

values and ideas: Parents may have a different method of dealing with different
situations. School need to work alongside with parents and carers to clarify
why things need to happen in a different way in school.

factor: In school, people hardly know about personal lives of colleagues or children, and they may be
behaving uncharacteristically. If someone
notices such behaviour, one should ask what’s wrong and offer help. When working with an external professional, one has to be aware
that they might be under pressure related to timeline.

with special needs: Young people or adult who have a specific need, may not be able to communicate
clearly, it is important that one has to be sensitive and aware of their
communication difficulties and adapt the way of communication. Staff should be
given special training if required.

of confidence: When one’s confidence is low, ability to communicate effectively
with the people around is usually hampered. Young people may behave
aggressively if they are not sure about what they are doing. Sometimes shyness can be treated as rudeness, staff
needs to be sensitive to this and offer young people encouragement and support.