It but when you think about it, what about

It seems to me that good things happen to those of good thoughts awhile others get punished for their cruelty. In theory it sounds good, but when you think about it, what about all the rich jerks around the world. This all depends with way you interact with a person and the way they interact with you.  The aftermath is what results in bad luck. It’s called karma.  The whole concept of karma has taken a big overture in our culture. It started from an ancient Indian religion to a 21st century pop culture term. I believe that one of the main reasons we’re still talking about karma in our daily lives is because we keep seeing it happen to people continuously. In the beginning, it doesn’t always work as fast, and it doesn’t always work the way you’d expect it, but I think it’s real. Here’s one reason why:  People can read your vibes. According to a research studied by Albert Mehrabian, reveals that as much as 93 percent of our response to other people is to the unspoken messages they give off. Meaning that a mere 7 percent of our response is to the actual words they say. As for the rest of our response, it is left off to their “vibe”, where their inner emotions are being revealed by their facial expression, tone and body language.  For example, if a person walks into a room angry, excited or sad, you mentally prepare yourself to deal with them, before they’ve even said a word. You’re either ready for an argument, wondering what they’re excited about or reaching your arms out to comfort them.  In a time like this, whether we realize it or not, people are always responding to the unspoken messages we give off.  That’s where karma begins to kick in.  Basically, your inner thoughts and words can create your reality. They set the tone for your interactions, and your interactions set the tone for your life. Here’s where it gets pretty complex. The brain is like any other muscle in your body. The parts you use the most gets stronger, and the parts you use less of begin to deteriorate. If you exercise often, over time it gets easier to lift heavier weights and run at a much longer pace. Just like if your filled with happiness all the time. If you smile more often, you’ll actually become a happier person. If anger, judgement, and criticism are a daily mental habit, you’ll act like it more often. And if you become more depressed and ignore compassion, kindness, and humor long enough, you’ll get to the point where you won’t even feel the need to laugh anymore when you think something is funny.   So, while it might seem like you’re always in a bad mood because you hang around with a bunch of jerks, over time you become the person you’ve been acting like towards them. And the world responds accordingly.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in the spiritual aspects of karma. If you continuously think of bad thoughts you can literally change the chemistry of your own brain, which changes the way people respond to you.   Can a person get rich thinking evil thoughts and cheating their way through life? Of course, they can, but your daily existence will likely be joyless because you won’t be getting a good vibe from anyone.  Science tells us that for every action, there is a reaction. Karma, it’s the cycle of cause and effect. It’s real, and it’s powerful.