It aspiration of working in non-governmental organizations and contributing

It was only within the
past year when I participated in the Model ASEAN Meeting did I realize
International Relations is the career path that I want to pursue as it is
fluid, foreign to concrete structures of Math or Science that I am familiar
with and it is sculpted by nothing but personal judgment. After successfully
completed the job of being the chairman for the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community
in the Model ASEAN Meeting, it has instilled within me an overwhelming need to
broaden my knowledge in the field of current affairs at both national level and
the international one. I choose INTO University of East Anglia to be my
educational destination because “INTO UEA offers the ideal combination of a
high level of academic expectation and a supportive environment” – according to
Dr. Matthew Perry, Academic Director, which can explain for an extremely high
percentage of satisfaction among students coming from more than 120 countries.
Furthermore, the fascinating International Foundation Program on Humanities and
Law is necessarily a stepping stone for me to be best prepared before pursuing
the bachelor’s degree of International Relations which can further help me to
meet my aspiration of working in non-governmental organizations and
contributing to the well-being worldwide. It is my fervent conviction that I am
well-qualified for the scholarship, not just because of my high grades at
school in all 13 subjects, my academic achievements or my language competence
but the experiences that I have gained. Throughout my high school years, I have
demonstrated my leadership skills and enthusiasm in a number of social work or
volunteer programs organized by the Red Cross or Youth Organization. I also
conducted a research on school girls’ knowledge on self-protection against
sexual abuse in Hoa Vang Province, Danang which is a mountainous area of the
city and won the first prize in Science and Engineering Fair for high school
students in Danang city. If I stand a chance of receiving the scholarship, I
would strive to excel in academics, enhance my performance and try to attain a
personal viewpoint that will allow me to understand the world of International
Relations and also contribute my own theories and knowledge in this field to
the world. In addition, I would become an ambassador to promote the reputation
of UAE and also attract and support international students to come and study in
this prestigious university.