It and correct the coordinates. Senior nurses always has

is one of the biggest challenges in nursing profession. Many theories are
explained about the causes of lateral violence occurs among nurses. One of the
reason is underestimating or denying the values, opinions and decision of other
group. This will create a negative feeling and insecurity around and inside of
nurses. Some nurse are responding to this unavoidable situation and others are
ignore it. This will leads to bullying among nurses.  On the other hand, the work surrounding
itself is a one of the contributing factors. In the earlier times nursing
profession itself is criticized by everyone and it was one of the cheapest
profession too. Nurses are forced to take orders from physicians and other high
health care professionals. Their power and authority misusing on the
nurses treats in opposite way as they have been treated. Nowadays everyone is
considering nurses has their own dignity and values. Sheridan –Leos notes the
central task of the nurses is to provide health care while the physician’s task
is to heal. In addition to unsafe work environment nurses are really stressed
to time demanding workload, managing multitask situations and responsibilities
at same time without any hesitance and rest. Some nurses are ignoring these
situations and thus will give more burden to other staff. This will lead to
internal conflicts among nurses. The major factor is stress. Inadequate staff
to handle workloads create HV. Leadership and management are the basic stone of
nursing. Management always has the tendency to control and correct the coordinates.
Senior nurses always has a tendency to bossing on subordinates. Some management
doesn’t allow to do that. Their power is not granted by management they are
being sometimes unhelpful in clinical settings. This will leads to negative
relationship among them this vertical violence gradually turns to horizontal
violence. “Maslows concept is useful for explain how nurses who have suffered
psychological harm from horizontal violence may perceive threats to their
emotional safety work environments” (Purpura, Blegen 2012). Sometimes personal
factors create horizontal violence. Of course everything is part of human is an intrinsic factor. Avoid such situations is the best way to
create bullying-free environment. Sometimes I felt like, some nurses always
handling only particular patients. They are believing they are the only one capable
of handling such patients. This is very hard for new hiring nurses. This will
leads to dissatisfaction on co-workers job. Some nurses are always watching
others job and always criticizing them. Such nurses always expecting their
standard of level in other nurses too. This will cause stress and HV among
nurses. Differentiation in education or designation also another major factor. Senior
and aged nurses are take time to adapt with new technology and equipment this
will increase the frustration on them.