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Is your hair dry, dull, Moisture less and need a sip to get hydrated?I am sure we are all guilty of paying closer attention to our skincare than we do to hair care.The endless exposure to harsh weather conditions along with the stress of styling products and tools is the ultimate formula for dry, brittle and damaged hair and whenever we find our hair in need of a little pick-me-up the first thing many of us do is take a trip to the nearby drug store and load our basket with products that promise to be the next best thing in hair care world.But, did you know that some of the most effective hair mask can actually be made using natural products found around your home?  Whatever your hair dilemma – be it oily, dry, frizzy or dull locks – a quick search in your kitchen cupboards may hold the way out.Here is my super easy hair mask for you beauties:Milk and Honey mask Milk your hair is made of proteins, which are necessary for tissue growth and repair. There are two types of protein in milk, casein and whey and both can benefit your hair.Casein contains a large amount of the amino acid glutamine which stimulate the hair follicle growth cycle and is especially useful in growing hair.Whey, a byproduct of cheese-making, is often taken as a nutritional supplement to help build muscle mass, but applied topically can prevent hair loss, strengthen hair and help it grow fasterMilk’s natural creaminess makes it an excellent conditioner for your hair. And it helps lock in the moisture, too. “Whole milk, which is thicker than skim milk, can be used as a natural way to heal dry and brittle hair.Honey Honey works as a natural humectant. It seals the moisture into your hair and softens it as well and is a great treatment for your hair all by itselfTake 100 ml milk and 1 tbs HoneyCombine the two ingredients Just put in a spray bottle, spray onto your hair, let it sit for at least 20-30 minutes and then wash as usual with Luke warm water and a mild shampoo.You are ready with your super glossy, silky hairs which will not only complete your look but also make you look: More beautiful! More confident!Do try this hair mask and share your experience with me!