– is a direct cause for many health issues

– The economical impacts

costs: obesity lead to increase in the medical costs because obesity is a
direct cause for many health issues like diabetes and Hypertension. For
providing health care for these diseases it cost the government a high amount
of money, which is affect the country’s economic badly.

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A study from
Harvard’s school of public health show that the United States medical expenses
for obese people estimated to be 36% higher than medical cost for non-obese


productivity: The amount of productivity is related to obesity directly, because
obese people became tired quickly more than normal people. They also usually
suffer from health issues that make them not able to do their work properly,
and because of these health issues, they leave work more than non-obese people.

Studies show that the U.S firms lose approximately 285,000 annually
from costs related to obesity. 


2- Health impacts

In the United States, the percentage
of obesity has doubled to be 30%. Moreover, more than two-third of Americans
are overweight currently.

By the increase of obesity, the risk
of having health problems increase as well. There are many disease causes by
obesity like diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

Dr. Kristen Bobbins from the
University of California predicted that by 2010, the percentage of death from
obesity will increase to 19 percent and the percentage of disease caused by
obesity will increase to 16 percent in the U.S.





Impacts of obesity in India

Although India suffering malnutrition, India suffer from obesity
problem as well.

According to the national family health survey, the number of obese
people in India has doubled in the past 10 years.

Impacts on health

 Experts from India believe that obesity is the
major reason for developing different types of diabetes.

– Impacts
on women

The obese woman who got pregnant has
increased incidents of diabetes and that causes pregnancy lose or unhealthy
child, it also lead to birth faults.

– Impacts on children

India has the second highest number
of obese children in the world after China.

According to a study, 14.4 million
in India are obese and 2 million of these obese children suffer from health
issues. A high percentage of them die from the health condition related to


I learned through this research: When
I searched about the countries that have a high percent of obesity, I was
expecting to see America and Kuwait in the list because they are rich countries
and they have a lot of restaurants. However, I was not expecting to see India
in the top of the list because it is a poor country and they do not eat a lot.
As I search more I realized that it is not about how much they eat but what
they eat, because their food contain a high amount of oil. Overall, obesity it
is all about people and their lifestyle