Is a century. Measuring all the temperatures all over

Is global warming a real threat to our earth? Why should you take action now before it’s too late? Global warming is problem that will affect everyone and you should be working to help the environment. Why is global warming a big debate still even though the large amounts of evidence? People are scared of what’s happening and do not want to believe it. Are we, as humans, causing the change in the environment? Signs point to yes, which is why you all are the change we need to help the earth. The signs are recorded all over the world and shows a threat to us, animals, plants, and earth in general. The earth is screaming for help and if you continue to ignore it we kill this planet and we will cease to exist. Global warming is most noticeable in the rising temperatures that have been recorded by thermometer for more than a century. Measuring all the temperatures all over the word you can see the temperatures creeping higher. This climate rising has been caused by increased carbon dioxide from humans and human make emissions that go into the atmosphere. Global warming evidence has been present for the last 30 years. 2016 is now known as the hottest year on record. The average temperature around the world has rose by 1 degree fahrenheit. That is much higher in areas in the arctic, which ruins homes for animals and plants making them endangered which means a lot more than you think. Antarctica is heating up causing so many plants and animals to lose their homes. This might not sound very important to us but it is. So many different kinds of animals are endangered including types of whales, penguins, albatrosses, seals, and polar bears. This affects the environment because these animals are all apart of the food chain and so are you. Now if one animal or plant ceases to exist it is a unstoppable chain reaction. If the animal that goes extinct is a predator, the animals they make their prey increase. Making those animals increase and the animals that have increased hunt for prey, the prey decrease. It continues until there is nothing left making trouble for us to fix it. Even though it is fixable, it is a hard fix. Wouldn’t you rather change by an easy fix on yourself than later make it a hard fix on a large area? Global Warming causes are mostly known to be human causes. There are greenhouse gases that stop heat from leaving the earth’s atmosphere. These gases are natural but a we are changing them. We are changing them by burning fossil fuels People wrongly think that the sun is to blame but that has been debunked. Since the late 70s’ there has been several satellite instruments that measured output of energy from the sun. After it was measured we have noticed a very small drop in energy making it impossible for the sun to be the cause. People are becoming blind to the facts and listening to people with zero credibility. Facing the facts can be hard, but you need to because it’s our reality.There are so many ways to help the environment and stopping climate change. Helping the earth is our job because he inhabit it. You can start out small and change things to make it easier. Start with recycling because the amount of plastic on our planet is extremely large amount. The ocean is where most our plastic ends up, 80% of pollution in the ocean comes from us. The plastic kills our ocean life making animals die. This could cause animals to become endangered or even extinct. You can also cut down your showers and start using less lights. Peoples showers can be cut down if you only do the necessities. Start using natural light and open your blinds, lights aren’t needed you we have the sun. Windows let in light for a reason, utilize them. There are so many small and big ways to change you habits for the better of this planet. Take what I said and change your ways because if we all don’t, the planet we know will cease to exist.