Irina in St Petersburg, Russia. She works mainly in

Irina Rumyantseva is a UK based independant artist, born in St Petersburg, Russia. She works mainly in acrylics although the imitation study I did of her work was in inks so I could experiment with the medium and her style at the same time. Rumyantseya achieved the highest grade for her art studies at university and has the Master’s equivalent in St Petersburg in both art and design and became a highly respected artist in Russia, when she was 26 she came to England to continue her career. She was ArtGallery’s runner up artist of the year in 2015. Her unique style of painting is highly popular and her art is relatively abstract, painting many subjects like flowers, seascape, animals, wildlife, some still lives and most importantly; her cityscapes. I really love her expressive style and the way she loosely paint the urban scenes and then details them often with black, but not overdoing it.


“Each experience is an inspiration to create something unique.””My work has been very well received and I am so humble for all the support. Thank you.”

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A unique depiction of traditional Amsterdam buildings and architecture. Modern abstract meets traditional. Unmistakable dutch buildings set back from the canal with dutch canal barges, boats sailing under the bridge.
Creating cityscapes such as this which is detailed, can take a lot of time and commitment to perfect. The ideas that are poured onto the canvas have to be what she envisioned otherwise it doesn’t work for her. This is why her cityscapes are so popular because this time and commitment is reflected in her work.
The artist has shipped her work all over the world from Australia, USA and Canada to Dubai and Saudi Arabia and all over Europe fast and securely without any problems as the artwork is carefully packaged using layers of thick high quality bubble wrap, plus foam for the edges and solid reinforced cardboard boxes so even glass is protected from impact. All this plus the artwork is fully protected with insurance for peace of mind.
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She has experiments with her art in many differen