iOS owner to keep hold of their first-time users

iOS mobile app developmentSummary: This article elaborates some of the core strategies that will help an app owner to keep hold of their first-time users and increase their interests of their customers.While we have already stepped into the year 2018, the road ahead for mobile app development is really going to be tough and challenging one. With millions of apps strolling in the popular stores and that too in the similar category, it is truly a backbreaking job for the apps businesses to sustain their apps in the market after winning a considerable user base. Needless to say, mobile development is going through a dynamic phase with a round of innovations and fierce competition, where holding on the customers and keeping them engaged is a gruelling job. It needs some hardcore strategies or inherent ideas that will be effective in hooking more users and more users. Let’s move ahead to get some of the most effective strategies.Imprinting a splendid first impressionDefinitely, “First impression is the last impression” and this is irrefutable for an app too, where competition has risen to some fierce level. Thus, if you are not able to grab eyeballs of the users at the first go, you might lose out some great number of users. Both UX and UI are vital in creating a distinctive first impression of the app. While both are complementary aspects, developers need to try making the navigation as simple as possible so that even a first-time mobile user could operate it.Specific TargetingOne effective way to drive the users’ traffic to an app is specifically targeting the audiences. This is, in fact, one of the prime rules for businesses and require some strong marketing tactics to know the persona and preferences of the target audiences. On knowing their preferences and detailed persona (including gender, location, age, interest areas or mobile usage patterns), businesses can mould their app’s features and offerings and fetch more users from the target market.Time-to-time updatesIt is essential to retain a fresh feeling in the app and maintain its performance over the long run. However, updating the app from time to time seems a fruitful idea as it gives the owner some scopes to incorporate new features, revamp some old features or remove any interrupting features in the app. Further, the users’ demand or expectations regarding the features may change over time when there emerge many other interesting apps in the same genre. Hence, to make the experience of the users satisfactory, makers need to continue updating their app, making it more exhilarating and useful.Push notifications to reach customers personallyApp makers have to take some pains in reaching their targeted audiences with some personalised approach. Otherwise, they are sure to lose their ground in the market. While there are many ways to igniting personal engagement, push notifications is the most effective and proven method. Consequently, businesses need to redirect messages to the users in the form of text messages reminding them about offers, new products deals or discounts, available at their end. On the whole, businesses can keep nudging their existing customers about their products or services, tempting them to visit the application.Enticing the users all the time and keeping them glued to an app might seem a backbreaking job for businesses, but is not anything beyond impossible. Applying these persuasive methods can help an appreneur in a major way to keep the end users hooked and attain great success in the market.Author a Senior app developer at Envertis, a globally known Android and iOS app development company, based in Sydney. He has a knack for writing about interesting IT news, apps development, mobile technologies. You can follow the Facebook page for more of his informative write-ups.