INTRODUCTION This reflective study would be woven around my experience working for Riley Kids Foundation during Kelley Connect Week

This reflective study would be woven around my experience working for Riley Kids Foundation during Kelley Connect Week. Reflection bequeaths the individual as well as the team with an opportunity for self-development which would aid me in my future endeavors. This also leads to sculpting new ideas in an effective manner in future. This reflective paper is a summation of the ideas those have been ignited in my minds as well as the experiences bequeathed to me during Kelley Connect Week while performing the fund-raising project. The few initial days of this week has educated me with respect to academic theories for team building, communication, marketing, strategy planning, technology and analytics in various areas of business management that would be adopted in research processes. The experience that I underwent while working in a group that benefiting me with a number of ideological infusions on the respective subject matter.
The initial conception about Kelley Connect Week was that it would be similar around a case study. However, I was surprised to understand that this project was not virtual as expected and we were bequeathed with an opportunity to work and interact with a Non-profit organization. This also aided us to contribute to the social responsibility initiative of the organization. This methodology of instruction helped me to apply my critical thinking skills on current occurrences in real market scenarios.
Before starting the complex tasks of planning and executing a project it is a vital to know exactly scope and needs in an appropriate manner. The outcome that is expected of the project would be the basis of the complex tasks those need to be planned and executed within the ambit of the project. These would be elaborated in to detailed tasks that wants to perform in an aligned way. During this course, I found new and innovative ideas and gets many opportunities to increase knowledge to involve with deep research through implicate data analysis and interaction with faculty. The team work was one of the key experience associated with the actual participation in the project activities enhancing my skills pertaining to organization of work in an effective and constructive manner. This project revolved around the fund-raising aid for an organization that supported a Riley Hospital for Children and research center. In this project the main objective is to create a strategy and ideas for $5 million incremental annual revenue by the end of the fiscal year 2021. Corresponding with the organization had chance to understand the foundations systems, process and their work appropriately.
The main role that I was assigned in this particular project was to analyses the social media activities, web traffic improvement of the company and from this perspective create an online advertising campaign that could be utilized in different media channels for garnering funds effectively. The performance of data analytics along with critical thinking, research and past six months data about the organization allowed me to use and implement digital marketing knowledge in this project to create new channels for donor acquisition by enhancing existing online presence. In order to obtain reliable data, I utilized the online marketing analytic tool namely Ahrefs for running a technical Search Engine optimization aiding me to acquire market position tracking for and the observation of online traffic. There after I used different available sources for diverting optimal traffic to the fundraising campaign, thereby targeting new era donors by gaining more organic traffic. This was possible only owing to the learning gained from the course relating to a plethora of topics, conducting credible research, understanding the core business and requirements, objective interaction with faculty and organization during the work process and I recognize three important insights as below to operate small business to achieve sustainable growth.
Establish Sustainable Business Strategy
Corporate sustainability strategies need to be implemented in order to ensure that the company presents a unique case. This essentially requires a comprehensive review of its strategy, operations and goals to further the respective sustainable practices. There is no single path to adopt sustainability, but a set of critical steps exist that can help to successfully integrate sustainability into a business strategy. This needs to be formalized by creating a roadmap for the development and implementation of a corporate sustainability strategy. It is important to define what sustainability means for every area within the company and to identify the benefits thus bequeathed. This prevails in all areas from developing new products or services to changing procurement practices.Maintaining A Competitive Edge
Economic competition requires creation and maintenance of a competitive edge that create unique value for consumers. Business could focus on a lower overheads cost could be shared with the consumer as a low priced product of same quality. Also, a product that contains competitive price, unique product features and right product mix for the customer. Develop a market analysis channel that is ahead of competition which will strengthen the competitive placement of the company.
Limitations and Opportunity Matrix
Small companies need to set comprehensive goals that inculcate cost reduction, commuting practices, capacity optimization, market presence and corporate social responsibility image in a complementary with respect to local development projects and volunteering campaigns. The risk reduction and opportunity optimization measures need to be guided by goals pertaining to innovation or financial leverage coined as sustainable strategies.
This program gave me an opportunity to learn as well as assimilate the related skills and technical knowledge that would be required to be applied in my current work place. During the establishment phase I could observe that the small business would be required to adopt multiple approaches and business strategy for allowing success and identify those that the business will focus on and applying resources to exploit them. These days, businesses rely on internet and related advertising sources such as social media, digital media channels and other online advertising applications to promote their products, prices and operating culture. The internal operational environment needs to be aligned in a cooperative manner to amplify the existing brand value and creation of a sustainable image for the company. I could assimilate that the focus on innovation is not only product creation but also make operations better, enhanced productivity and increased visibility in market place with a winning brand.
After completion of this presentation and reflecting back on the team effort we have infused as a five member team it could be stated that the team has a number of strengths as well as weaknesses. A team consists of individuals belonging to varied backgrounds carrying a number of strengths. The brain storming and discussion sessions were a great opportunity to gain an insight into the topic while creating a certain impact on my professional acumen. This group work and the project class room sessions have offered me a chance to gain considerable knowledge about communication and business development. Although there were few times of intra team conflicts due to perceptions, it was resolved with objective interaction. The common motive of creation of a winning campaign to gather credible donors. The following strategy was

used for creating a winning campaign for the organization. The following exhibit shows the five general steps for offering solutions for better output in which our value driven recommendation could be use by the organization to strategies their fund raising activities.
Overall, I enjoyed this experience and I take pride in being a member of this team. This experience was indeed rewarding while I could assimilate better skills. This experience enabled me to broaden and deepen my abilities. I appreciate positive team dynamics related to improved efficacy and motivation.
As I reflect upon on our team related strengths and weaknesses in this context, decision making emerges as one of the pertinent ones, while a quick second will be the experience and technical resources those are brought in. When more brains are placed into the think tank novel perspectives and ground breaking ideas are sure to emerge in a revolutionary manner. I also could learn inter team dynamics and the facilitation in a group. When individuals from various cultures and work in a team communicative dynamic was observed to be main weakness owing to lack of networking and partnering with in the team. There was an imbalance in conversation with certain participants interactive in an elaborate manner that was not necessary thereby causing obstacles for the remaining participants. Also, Lack of continuity and interpersonal team building skill was seen to be triggered the complacency exhibited at certain times and impacted our performance.
The presentation was illuminated with picture and graphs to retain the audience’s interest, as this aided visual simulation. The overall clarity in presentation needs to be mainly linked to the depth of research conducted by including paid subscription sourced real life data and analysis tools like Alexa, Ahrefs. This resulted in offering the organization with dependable fundraising recommendations through our presentation. While the quality of our presentation was commendable considering on an overall manner, I could identify certain features which could have been improved. As opined by the reviewer of the presentation I could fathom that the team coordination while answering questions both before and after the presentation needs to be worked upon. Certain aspects that could be considered would be better presentation strategy, arrangement of slides and intra team conflict resolution. When there arises a conflict amongst the team members, it adds stress and anxiety to the entire team, which could trigger a downward spiral for productivity and team image. Lack of core values and ground rules of the skilled facilitator approach lead to a more unilateral approach causing further challenges in conflict resolutions during presentation.
Certain key points that I have learned about working with groups and teams that I could be applied to my professional life. The pertinence of setting clear goals, roles and documentation being the lifeline of a project. Social relations within the team needs to be valued although there needs to be a balance with task along with the objective. Every group needs basic norms and ground rules in order to professionally evolve over time. Every perspective needs to be valued for its technical superiority and suitability for the particular project and not otherwise. I could learn the skilled facilitator approach and would be consciously implementing this into practice in my professional as well as personal life. In summation looking at things from a systemic point of view and looking at team work from the perspective of paradoxes can add a valuable insight.
This was a very enlightening experience for me with infrareds and the whole class of learning in team and definitely a valuable experience for my entire career. The real time coaching method involving subject based impartation about group work in profession and the practical project ensured we understood all concepts in an objective manner. This learning was a unique experience and I believe this created some of the deepest understandings into the theory and principles of his respective topic. I would carry a number of valuable insights related to this experience which would aid me to win over a number of professional challenges in life.

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