Introduction not handled properly will cause major problems and



Counselling is a subject matter of relationship between a client and a
counselor where the counselor tries to understand the behavior and the
condition of client and try to provide solution to the client.

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They communicate with each other to create change in the client’s
perception, emotions and conduct. Guiding is a procedure that empowers a man to
make sense of and pick up knowledge in issues and achieve choices influencing
their life.

Regularly directing is honed out in testing times in a man’s life, it
require not be in this way, be that as it may, as advising can likewise be
useful and essential in one’s life whenever.

The setting ought to be private and the same each session. The privacy
of the customer must be guaranteed constantly.

It is additionally recommended that tending to the customer with their
first name constructs comfort capacity and acknowledgment, yet first ask how
the client needs to be tended to.

Additionally the advisor alluding themselves by their first name breaks
the hindrance of imbalance.

Counselor also needs to come to the level of client to understand
his/her problems and react to it according to the situation and the seriousness
of the problem.

Counselor has a very sensitive job and if not handled properly will
cause major problems and can even make the situation worse than before.

The focus of counselling in a working organization should be to reduce
tension among its employees so that can focus more on their performance.


Problems associated with Employees


Employees in an organization face lots of problems which affect their
performance and affect the entire organization indirectly.

Offices are understaffed and representatives feel as though their
workloads are too overwhelming and their opportunity is spread too meagerly.

This grumbling turns out to be more terrible as cutbacks; the economy;
your capacity to discover instructed, experienced staff; and your business
requests develop.

With outsourcing, scaling back, globalization and strain to meet the
primary concern, professional stability has turned into a rare item.

Career advancement is also a major concern for employee as sometimes employees
don’t receive what they deserve and creates feeling of dissatisfaction.

High degrees of work pressure are predominant in employments with
numerous requests and little control over working conditions. A few employments
that are known to be especially unpleasant incorporate firefighter, carrier
pilot, enrolled military faculty, cop, and occasion facilitator.

Cop encountering mental manifestations because of occupation push.
He/she is encountering a great deal of pressure related indications because of
the levels of demand of his work as a cop. He has been experiencing issues of
sleeping and has seen that his appetite has been diminishing.








Qualities that a Counselor Should Have


Communication Skills

skills of a counselor are very important quality because all other things will
depend upon effective communication. Counselor should be well verse in
communicating according to situation and try to obtain all information from
client even which client is hesitating to share. After obtaining information
and analyzing the situation there needs to be effective communication of
solution to the client.


the client is going through very difficult situation related to work, family
etc., so in that situation counselor needs to be empathetic towards the client
so that it will give him/her sense of relief and reduction of tension.

Self Awareness

should be self aware of his/her strengths so that he/she can use that to deal
with the situation effectively.

Problem Solving

are certain problems in life of an employee which becomes a hurdle in
performing better so to solve those problems counselor needs to be equipped
with those kinds of skills to solve problems in least time.

Increasing Efficiency

should try to increase the efficiency of the employee by solving all his
problems, clearing all confusions and providing guidance on certain matters
like how to improve performance while working. All this will to a greater
extent of the employee.





Ø  There are different manners by which
counseling will be valuable to help settle work environment issues.

Ø  Treatment can adequately treat sorrow,
uneasiness, and other emotional well-being manifestations that outcome from
working environment issues.

Ø  Counselor can likewise instruct sound
adapting abilities that representatives can use to oversee business related
pressure and different issues.

Ø  Professional counselors enable employees to
recognize their particular aptitudes and capacities keeping in mind the end
goal to enable them to create objectives and discover employments for which
they are appropriate.