Introduction Florida Educational Federal Credit Union Building construction site.


Refer to this Project Management Plan as a
detailed guide of construction procedures at the
South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union Building construction site. This
plan outlines practices that will be implemented to complete this project in a
safe and timely manner. This plan details the basic conditions that must be met
by Ace Construction and the involved parties for the construction of South
Florida Educational Federal Credit Union Building located 17500 South Dixie Highway, Miami, Florida, 33157.

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Project Description

The proposed two storey
building is a branch of the South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union that
has a purpose to serve the community by promoting thrift, credit and other
financial services. Ace Construction is responsible for the allocation of a
Project Manager who is responsible for coordinating all site operations at this
location. In addition, the Project Manager is to ensure that all construction procedures
are performed in compliance with the codes and practices specified by the under
the contract.


Project Scope

This project’s Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to:

preconstruction work such as Approvals, Submittals, permitting and licensing.
The construction of a new two storey building, including a drive-through,
parking facilities, frontage roads, pedestrian paths, traffic signs,
landscaping and hardscaping,
street lighting, connection to utilities, all related infrastructure.

interior work such as drywall, flooring, ceiling, furnishing, fire safety and
security equipment, special equipment such as safes and pneumatic tube
carriers, air handling units, back-up generator, electrical work.



Company’s Past Experience

Construction is one of the leading construction companies that specialize in
small commercial construction for the past 14 years. At Ace, our team consists of qualified
employees with both degrees/certificates and work experience that help to
construct our company’s empire. Employing some of the best technical personnel,
construction managers, and top quality control management, Ace Construction is set
apart from competitors.


Ace construction we trust to affiliate ourselves with the local communities
that we work in. Over the years our company has constructed more than 12
banking/financing institution located in cities such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale,
Tampa, and Orlando areas. We have also been the prime contractor for resort
styles projects located in The Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands. We are
confident from our past construction experience and recommendations by former client’s
show that we are well qualified to start construction for the South Florida
Educational Federal Credit Union.
With the help of our well-trained and ambitious staff we guarantee all work
will exceed expectations.


images below are some of the impressive projects that we had the honor to build
for our past clients: