Interior the right interior. Bedrooms are probably the most

Interior design is all about enhancing the quality
of life by supporting the health, safety and well-being of occupants.
Creativity achieved through research, analysis and integration of knowledge, which
will fulfill the client’s need and project goal.

Interior Designers success is in their education,
skill and technical knowledge to work in different disciplines of designing.
Present day Designers work with contractors, architects, engineers, furniture
dealers and homeowners to understand structural requirement, health and safety

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Interior Design and Interior


Interior Design and Interior Decorating professions
differ in critical ways. Interior design is the art and science of
understanding people’s behavior quality of life and culture to create
functional spaces within a building.

Interior designers apply creative and technical
solutions within a structure that are functional by modifying it at will and
make it attractive and beneficial to the occupant’s emotions.


Decorating is the furnishing or adorning of a space
with beautiful things in co-ordination with the occupants.

The Interior Decorator need to know clients
individual taste and aesthetic requirement involved to dress an entire space
with color, lighting and furnishing.  


The difference between Interior Design and Interior
Decorating, The Interior Designing is to design an entire living space from a scratch
based on appropriateness of type, usage, acoustic properties and flammability. The
Interior Decoration refers to decorating an existent living space with added
furniture and upholstery.


Elements of Interior


Interior Design is indeed a science that is bound
by the following 7 elements and 7 principles.

These seven elements are critical in the life of an
interior designer:








These elements are very vital in an interior
designer’s book for the add life and beauty to the design and there is truly no
meaning of design without them.


Principles of Interior Design


Principles lead the way in a design without principles any
design concept is lacking. The five design principles are:






After all the interior design industry tends to
follow the fashion design industry.


Coming to the bedroom, I chose
bedroom as my space for this project as we tend to spend the maximum amount of
time in a bedroom therefore the space we live in also creates a major impact on
our mood.  That is why it is necessary
for the bedroom to look well arranged that also has the right interior.

Bedrooms are probably the most important living
spaces at our homes, therefore making its design a vital and inspiring at all
aspects. From relaxation to energizing, a bedroom has a lot to offer, it should
be kept in mind the selections and decorations of the bedroom. Equilibrium,
storage, functionality, furniture, wall paint, lightings, flooring are all
integrations od the design of a bedroom. All these affect one psychologically
and help keep enigmatic.


First step of proper interior
designing is to choose the right colour,


Colours determine attraction, mood swings, harmony,
value and intensity to an environment. It is indeed a vast field and has very
much importance in the design field. Let us first categorize different sections
of topics on colour in interior design.

Some of the characteristics of colour are:





Colour wheel

-Primary colours

-Secondary colours

-Complementary colours

-Tertiary colours


Colour schemes


-Split complementary







The importance to colour in interior

-Mood swings


All these add up colour in one’s life and also in
their homes.



Lighting in interior design

Lighting is one of the major aspects of a good
design, it shows how beautiful and easy carrying out tasks at home is and just
just being the endorsing the beauty of what is designed and highlighted
ensuring safety and comfort. It is basically dealt with functionality and space
and is of three types:

-General lighting

-Task lighting

-Accent Lighting

There are also many light fixture types to deliver
the general, task or accent light you need, they are:








In addition, light fixture styles are also

-Classic traditional

-Fresh traditional



Better lighting enlightens one’s mood and soul!



Furniture is an industrial design product, it
matters the most when designs a space and it is in the end what fills that
empty space. It comprises of space planning and function of furniture. There
are different styles of furniture that can be put up:







Without furniture it’s just an empty room of walls
and bricks.



Flooring is a base of any interior scheme and
should be viewed as an investment and must be taken into consideration. The different
types of floorings are:


-Area rugs

-Wood flooring

-Laminate flooring

-Bamboo flooring

-Rubber flooring

-Cork flooring

-Ceramic tile and Stone flooring

The floor is the place we stand and walk upon to
live up to our dreams!


Among the many materials that have importance in the design of a complete
interior, textile fabrics have a very important role. They tend to introduce a
sense of softness, curvature and flexibility into a space Intended structural
use of types of textiles can be:


-Upholstery covering

-Wall covering

The textile importance is growing as sofas,
curtains and carpets are designed with their factors.


Maintenance and repairs

Creating a well designed house is thoroughly
satisfying but without maintenance it can well turn out to be a disappointment
with time. Often getting the balanced heat input, insulation and controlled
ventilation can be a better way to increase the life of your house. Also
in-time repairing of damaged faults is the key to the solution. And remember,
prevention is better than cure!



Design is
the key that can enlighten your mood and brighten up your day. It a simple fact
that interior design makes your space look beautiful which makes you like it
even more. It increases the value of your space and makes it more lively.
Basically without interior design its just the walls staring right at you!