Instructors no threat to the integrity and security of

Instructors can collaborate and streamline courses
so as to avoid conflict such as teaching content then it is not reflected in a
common examination.

The faculty can also analyze student trends and see
their tendency to fail or drop out and advise them accordingly.

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Cloud computing will enhance the government’s auditing
of public university practices without necessarily having to wait for a final
copy of books of accounts or tendering process. They could be present at every
stage hence curbing corruption.

Challenges and Recommendations

Service quality: Cloud service providers need to
enhance their SLAs to be more appealing to clients. Clients still think that
the current SLAs do not realy ensure efficiency and security. This should be
addressed in order to enhance trust.

Security and Privacy: Cloud computing calls for the
introduction of a third party who is the platform provider hence the privacy
and security of data is hard to maintain. The cloud service providers have to
prove to customers their ability to deal with threats related to data security
such as phishing, pharming, denial of service and packet sniffing.

Lack of adequate network responsiveness: Most learning
institutions lack adequate bandwidth, hence cannot adopt cloud computing

Integration: There is need to have a quick, cost
effective and simple way to connect university systems with cloud applications
since different applications have different requirements to be integrated.
Institution networks have also to be prepared with the necessary configurations
to routers, networks and firewalls.

Lack of cloud computing knowledge: Stakeholders have to
be educated on cloud services at a very basic level with their own security and
threats to their own networks. This would make them more open to adoption of
the services.

Auditing: There should be an agreement with a third
party to ensure that the service provider is meeting the agreement and that there’s
no threat to the integrity and security of data.