Initially trading routes with Asia. What they didn’t know

Initially early Europeans explorers set out to simply find trading routes with Asia. What they didn’t know was because of their efforts to establish an accomplice with Asia that whey would go beyond into shaping the world as we know it today. England had cloth, textile, and spices leading their market, and with those items being such a hot committee they just had to find a way to get it to Asia faster and with larger abundance. What England was doing with Asia was shaping up to be great business, but what happened to be lying ahead of them would be something so big and so propitious England would have to take a part of it.After Columbus’s claim to have had found a new route to Asia it set off a chain reaction within other countries trading market. Countries began to send hundreds of ships out to sea with their goods, expecting in return that their ships would bring back with them goods from other countries where stops and trades had been made. Once the Americas where found it was fair game. Countries stuck flags in the ground and called the lands theirs. Most countries would choose to conquer the lands of the natives while others didn’t necessarily make peace with the natives, (eventually running them out in fact) but learned to agree to disagree was in their best interest.Slaves catapulted the trade market for just about everyone. European nations being major consumers in the trade market, it did not take long for slaves to reach the New World. Once slaves were introduced to the trade it was one of if not the most profitable trade items to possess. What slaves did in this time era was make money for every country that invested in them. Slaves were bought, sold, and traded in massive number between the 15th and 16th century. If you were going to have allies you probably wanted to start off with selling and trading a few hundred slaves.Upon arrival to the New World Europeans were not taking no for an answer. European sailors traveled 3,000mi west to enforce their killing orientated weapons, their genocidal sickness and their theories of religion while killing eighty-million representing the greatest loss of life in human history. They wasted no time in ensuring that the Indians knew they were lesser then they were. They made it clear that the religious freedoms were gone, and that you were only to serve Christianity. Even rituals of Indians were no longer accepted to be done in public. Europeans had no trouble making it know that they were here to stay, and that you were either to cooperate with that or find somewhere else to go. Europeans had brought the concepts of government over with them, which was something that Indians had never heard of let alone abide by. Europeans felt that they were superior to the Indians, and had every right so. They were far more advanced in their technologies, they could make gun powdered weapons, and were able to train horses to say the least. It’s not a shocker that once Europeans settlers said this was their land from here on out it wasn’t much of a discussion.