Influenced on him. He was so fascinated by the

by this reform, Tiffany had a great progress on made glass crafts in the New
York area, and his glass artifacts become more and more recognition. European’s
travel made a deep impression on him. He was so fascinated by the coloration of medieval glass,
such as Roman and Syrian glass, and believed that the quality of contemporary
glass would be better. So, he tried to create some vibrant new range of colors in
glass to supplement the small and dreary selection available commercially to
local artists (Duncan,1992). In the late 1870s, he had his first interior
project for his top-floor home and studio at the Bella Apartments in New York
City (Obniski, 2007). It was a leaded-glass window which shows a unique use of
glass. He was passionate about using rich colors on windows. These abstract
designs suggest designer’s energy and passion towards art. However, making these
colorful glasses was not easy. In the very beginning, there was an explosion occurred
as the result of the invention of Tiffany Favrile glass. He pursued