Indian channels of commercial involvement. In India, when we

Indian women’s had exhibited their great
potential as successful entrepreneurs. Some of the women entrepreneurs are
leading the biggest shipping companies, trading and export houses, brewing
plants, plastic factories and electronic establishments. J. A. Schumpeter
defined women entrepreneur as “Women who innovate, imitate or adopt a business
activity”. Government of India has defined women entrepreneurs as an enterprise
owned and controlled by a women having a minimum financial interest of 51% of
the capital and giving at least 51% of employment generated in the enterprise
to women. In brief, women entrepreneurs comprise of those women who think about
a business venture, introduce it, organize and assemble the agents of
production, carry out all the business activities and bear risks and undertakes
various economic risks involved in functioning of an entrepreneurship.

The number
of business firms owned & managed by women is increasing all over the
world. Passion, knowledge, skill and adaptability in business are the main
drivers to undertake new ventures. Women entrepreneur undertakes more
challenges to satisfy her personal desires and become financially independent
and stable.

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Women are
now active in every sort of business from pickle making to electric cables.
Women are expanding as interior decorators, publishers, exporters, designers,
garment manufacturers, beauty experts and still investigating new channels of
commercial involvement. In India, when we compare population ratio, female
population is a little less than male population, but business world is still
dictated by male.

order to reduce the inequality and poverty exist in the society more new women entrepreneurships
establishments are needed.  As
a result of establishing new entrepreneurships the position of women’s had
changed from Jobseekers”
to “Job givers”.

of India has realized this fact and important outcome of this in development of
the nation. As a result of this, so many programs, credit facilities for women entrepreneurs
had been introduced .In the past few years new industries have been
established, in which majority are small scale industry. The study aims to find
out the motivational factors, cultural-socio -economic background and the
existing entrepreneurial traits of women entrepreneurs in Ernakulam district.