In today’s society diabetes is a global problem, there

In today’s society diabetes is a global problem, there are about three million of children and adults in the united states who have diabetes.There are a lot of other elements to diabetes, such as nutritional management, physical activity, medications and monitoring you have to do to keep diabetes stable.The education of diabetes makes you more aware of diabetes it teaches people what it takes to treat it and how it gives you the power to control it. Children today experience diabetes more than they have in the past the reason for the large amount of increase in numbers of people with diabetes is because especially in children they don’t know what diabetes is or don’t know what to do to prevent it so they eat whatever they want without knowing what the consequences are. Some parents don’t have any knowledge about diabetes because they’ve never experienced diabetes themselves or they don’t have any family members that hasn’t gotten diabetes so they ignore it because they think only people with a history of diabetes in their family can get the disease but that doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to it so they don’t monitor the food they let their kids consume. Schools should have a mandatory online course that every student has to take to learn about diabetes and so that they know what to do to live a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body.   In the next following paragraphs I will be explaining why an online course is beneficial for the students and as well as the parents. I will also be explaining the reason why children and adults get diabetes and how having an online course would teach students that they should take care of what they put their bodies and at the same time educate the parents so that they know the harm they can do to their children by letting their children consume foods they feel aren’t bad but in reality are. It would educate them about the negative effects diabetes does to your body. Children and teens need to watch what they eat for a lot of health reasons one of them being the most important is that a healthy diet can help prevent diabetes.First of all, the reason why people get diabetes can be because of a lot of different reasons. Diabetes can be caused because maybe one of your parents has had diabetes or has a history of family members that have diabetes. You can also inherit diabetes, therefore when those families sons or daughters have a baby the baby can inherit it from parents or grandparents. Also, a lot of people confuse the fact that when someone is overweight they automatically assume they have diabetes but that isn’t true. Diabetes doesn’t only affect people who are overweight it can affect everyone no matter your size or age. Another reason why diabetes is such a major problem in today’s society is because there is a fast food place literary on every corner which causes people to eat unhealthy. If you were to go out and find a healthy place to eat at it would be difficult because there’s not enough of healthy restaurants and if you find one the food will most likely be very expensive.An online course would teach students about the importance of maintaining a healthy body and the outcome benefits that come with eating healthy. The online course will talk about food and nutrition, weight control and exercise. This is important because most students don’t really think about any of these as important or don’t really care in general because most children think that you only get diabetes when you are older which is false. Students don’t really consider their weight as a problem which causes more obese children obesity can lead to a number of serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and stroke.The best way to eat healthy is if you try to aim in eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.Students are going to be learning about food and nutrition at a young age so that they can use what they’ve learned until they grow old and educate friends and family members to      stay and eat healthy. Food provides our bodies with energy, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals that the body needs in order to function properly.  We need a variety of different foods to provide the right amounts of nutrients for good health. For instance, the online course will teach students how to read food labels that has information not just on the ingredients but also on the calorie content which is important because when you are a certain weight or want to maintain a healthy weight you can only eat a certain limit of calories to not gain unnecessary weight. They will also be taught to choose healthy snacks instead of chips like hot cheetos and how to avoid high calorie meals.Another important part of the online course is on weight management and exercise. Regular physical activity is important for good health and good for everyone in general, it’s specifically important if you’re trying to lose weight or if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight. The online course will be discussing the proper ways to exercise as well as the benefits on having an active and healthy lifestyle. They are taught to exercise regularly and to participate in sports. Students for instance can do some quick walking or running at least for 30 minutes or an hour a day if possible. Students can also participate in sports such as volleyball, basketball and swimming in order to keep a healthy and fit body. Exercise boosts energy with regular physical activity it can help improve your muscle strength. Exercise can help prevent or even reverse the effects of certain diseases like lower blood pressure and cholesterol, which may restrain heart attacks.Although teachers and parents may say that students don’t need a mandatory online course because schools don’t provide junk food for students, the problem isn’t only at school it is during school and after school. When students leave school they usually go out to eat with friends which is very often 3-4 times a week and the food they consume are bad for their bodies to be eating bad regularly. Students also don’t like what schools serve for lunch so they usually order food from fast food places which is a daily routine for them. Teachers and parents don’t really see it as that bad but when they are eating all that junk food and are not exercising or doing any type of sports that food is just in the body without any form of getting rid of it because you are just sitting. When students learn about the consequences that bad eating habits have they will most likely think more about not trying to eat out as much. Other parents might say that having an online course won’t stop their children from completely eating out or stop eating junk food. Which of course students will still eat out and eat junk food which is fine, it isn’t bad if students eat out once in awhile and not everyday students can still eat whatever they want they just have to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day even if it’s just walking, jogging or even playing sports.In conclusion, having a mandatory online course is very necessary because it will help lower the rates of people with diabetes and other health issues. It will help people live healthier for a longer time without having any health issues while still being young. Having a healthy lifestyle isn’t hard if you eat healthy, exercise and make sure your not eating too much junk food and not eating out as much. After the students have taken the complete course they will have more knowledge and are going to be more informed about diabetes and the importance of a healthy body and a healthy weight. This is why all schools should be required to have all their students take a mandatory online course showing how diabetes can have negative effects to your body.