In to acquire information, current news and events. When

In today’s world, people rely on
the social media to acquire information, current news and events. When people
use social media as their resource of information, most likely trust the links
that appear to originate from their friends or shared by their friends. The
problem is, many of the viral news stories on social media are not legitimate
and people are choosing to get their news from echo chambers that provide
fictional news and only validate their views. By doing so, the people get a
false representation of what is actually true.

Social media platforms are designed
to allow us to explore and to connect with others from around the world yet a
filter is applied that limits our ability to connect with other people simply
because the filter thinks two people are irrelevant. As social media continues
to grow and become more influential, one must be aware of the use of filters to
circulate fake news, etc.

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Realistically, a person is going to
share similar opinions, interests, and beliefs with their friends and family
and it is unlikely that you will be friends with anyone you would openly reject
your beliefs or try to change them. This will ultimately be reflected in a
persons social media profiles and the majority of the content shared on your
newsfeed/timeline by you or your friends will back up these personal beliefs. On
top of this, your ‘liked’ are all filtered through an echo chamber were your
opinions are constantly echoed back to you. Because of this, it is becoming
easier and easier to ignore views different to your own because you have the
option to delete people of Facebook, etc. Content that you disagree with can be
censored with a click of a button without the consequence of an explanation to
the person. So the next time you find yourself on one side of a major media
talking point, remember that your social networks (especially Facebook) will
reflect back what you want to hear. What makes social media such an enjoyable
experience for users is exactly why our views of the world can become