In to $5600 but, this is mostly according to

In this slide I am going to explain
all the features and uses of CEL robox. So first of all, what is it?

The robox is a 3D printer that has
the capability to use all kinds of materials to print. It has the ability to
create a range of models with different colors and materials. This 3D printer
costs around $1000. However, for printers like the roboxPro, the prices can go
up to $5600 but, this is mostly according to the size of the printer; the
larger the printer, the more it will end up costing. However, there are many
unique features worth mentioning before I explain the prices. In order to print
certain products and materials  the CEL
robox printer goes up to 130°C in under 3 minutes, according to
the website. This is crucial for the creation of certain products as they need
to get up to a certain level of heat but also do it in a time effecient way.
Another really important feature critical to the success of creating something
with a 3D printer is ensuring you have enough filament to create the product so
there is no malfunction during the process of forming whatever you wish to
create. To
prevent any shortage of filament or any other malfunctions containing the use
of filament, CEL have designed the Robox in a way so that the machine is
programmed to constantly check on how much required material is being given to
the nozzles. “This design is so successful that
another prominent 3D printer brand immediately added a similar
to their flagship
– The official robox website describing the feature. In order for people to be
safe while using this printer, the printer locks all
access to the dangerous heat to prevent severe injuries. This
is a phenominal way to ensure that the 3D printing gets done properly but
exposes no danger to anyone. This printer has been accustomed to being placed
on a desk so you could have access to it whenever you feel. The CEL robox also
has the ability to use  materials at once
from two different nozzles with different heat settings. This is useful and
convenient because it doesn’t limit your boundaries to what you can do 

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