In the poverty definition as lack of purchasing (Karnani

their Business Ethics Quarterly article,
“The Poor as Suppliers of Intellectual
Property: A Social Network Approach to Sustainable Poverty Alleviation”,
Sridevi Shivarajan & Aravind Srinivasan (2013) will discuss the Base of the
Pyramid (BOP) gives the poverty mitigation approach by considering the poor
people with the intellectual property. Due to the state of extremely poor and
illiteracy people are not able participate in global knowledge networks. As,
per the Base of the Pyramid approach, gives an approach that MNC’s
(Multinational corporations)  can play
vital role in poverty mitigation without any compromising on their profits, and
it an important poverty alleviation request in the business publicity. Based,
on some surveys the poor consumers are not able afford the products on the
market. So, The MNC’s as to focus income on other things like disposable and
they have to provide the product for the poor. By this companies can maintain
profits as before. The main focus of BOP is poor consumers and the poverty definition
as lack of purchasing (Karnani 2007a, 2007b, 2011c; Sheth, 2010; Laczniak, 2009).
The approach mainly concentrated on the non-essential products. The MNC’s
companies thinking without any compromising the quality of the product and the
profits to the sector. There are alternative business that gives income for the
poor by considering them as a suppliers and entrepreneurs be more impact in mitigation
poverty. By research the author come up with some questions. “1) How can the
intellectual property of the poor be harnessed and integrated into global
knowledge networks? 2) How does this integration lead to greater social
inclusion of the poor? And 3) How can this process lead to sustainable
poverty-alleviation by also being beneficial to those facilitating in this

            Organizations like NGO’s and HBN (The
Honey Bee Network) has a good relationship between the poor and MNC’s. Based up
on the documents and reports these organizations can change the phases of
behavioral, interactional and knowledge can reduces the poverty mitigations.

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