In the era of information technology, we can not

In the era of information
technology, we can not denied the  importance  of
mobile phones popularity .Mobile phone is now become a necessity of our
youngsters and without smart phones they feel that there life is incomplete,drab
and dull.

In the 19th
century the invention of landline telephone were surprised everyone but the new
inventions, penetrations and adoptions of new smart phone technologies within
the next hundred years fascinated the whole world.Mobile phone is being used by
everyone regardless of age,gender,economic status,educational background or
other demographic attributes.

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In 1983, the first handy cell
phone was introduced in the market by Motorola in 1983.and the mobile phone
users increases with the passage of time and within the time period of 20 years
the users were increased to one billion, in the next forty months the users reaches
to 2 billion around the world and the latest indications shows that more than
three and half billion individuals are using cell phones among them the most
vivid users are yougsters.

Cell phone use is also increasing
day by day in Pakistan and now it becomes an addiction to have own atleast one

Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Pakistan had announced
that there were 98 million mobile phone users in May 2010 and an increment in the
Growth rate from 0.55% in April 2010 – 0.72% in May, 2010 (Attaa, 2010) was
highlighted.The market share in the cell phone industry clearly highlights the
growth among different cellular companies in Pakistan till the year 2012 .
Mobilink has 35.7 million subscribers, Ufone with 23.1 million, followed by Telenor with 29.3 million, Warid Telecom with 14.3 million, Zong with
15.6 million.Tribal areas, Azad and Jammu Kashmir are the ares that were mostly
neglected or ignored. All telecom companies are working to expand their
networks in these areas.Almost five out of seven agencies have mobile network

the year 2009 151 billion text messages were collectively sent over by
Pakistanis.In 2012 total cellular subscribers in Pakistan are 120 million.Out
of 180 million population of Pakistan there are 120 million total subscribers
of cellphones.