In on each other. Whether it can be harmful

In this Era, Energy projects are making influence choices to investor Concerning about environment and economics management.1 The word “Environment” could be defined in many ways depending on the code od conduct, it is widely taken for the granted to refer to surrounding that interact with life on earth. Surrounding us can be Non-living and Living components. The Environment is The important point which we are concerning, It is growing up and changing rapidly and extensive. It’s one of the important elements for our living, community, characteristic of career and environment sustainability which surrounding us includes Human Beings, Living Organism, plants, animals, microbes, etc. and light, water, soil, which constitute of ecosystem, that have advantages and disadvantages interaction with and impact on each other. Whether it can be harmful or favorable to the life, sustainability and development of humans and nature. Moreover. The number of growing up of the human population increase and the demand for food also increase more, that means we will invade natural resource and ecosystem more.

To provide the natural resource in the earth such as Energy system that support life on earth. Since Energy is sourced and processed into a usable form from the environment, activities pertaining to its extraction, transportation, conversion, and Utilization impact environmental system. it must be safeguard for the sake of the present and next generations through out pay more attention to planning or management as appropriate. Furthermore, in order to achieve the sustainable development, environment protection shall be the important part of the development process and cannot be discriminated from it. Aim to have the long term of Sustainable use of natural resources we must meet the needs of the present without conciliating the ability of future generation to meet their own needs. we need to alleviate unnecessary thing in standard of living and better meet the demands of the people in the world.

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In consequence, to seek the solution to protect and improve the environment2 Non-governmental organization and Governmental organization, also the individual shall be practiced the principle and international law composed of all activities that contribute to the protection, do not cause damage to the environment to the adverse impact to the health of humans, animals, Plants or to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. All of life organism which comprised of Micro Organism to Macro Organism, people have the significant obligation to take very seriously in fulfilling their responsibility to the environmental protection in order to achieve good results, a strong legal framework is required.3 In addition, this dissertation will focus on the case which refer to Laos where is a developing country which Located in South east Asia, Laos is the main country that construct the Hydro electricity dam and it’s a Major country that produce the electricity to riparian. It means that Laos cannot avoid the big issue that can cause the environmental problem, Natural resources, Biological Diversity, Agriculture Products, Indigenous Habitat and Riparian surrounding the River. and the abundance of environment problem as well.

Further more, Laos is the member of United Nations organized the Stockholm Conference 1997 on Human Conference.4 Besides, united Nations conference on Environment and Development 1993 known as the Rio Declaration 1992,5 In order to conserve and protect the environment and its immense species has entered into Numerous Multilateral Environmental Agreements.