In of people worldwide. In 1960th, when marijuana usage

In this essay I will
argue why Marijuana usage should be legalized. Cannabis is one of the most
arguable and widely discussed drug in the world. People and governments whether
it should be legal or not, or it should be decriminalized. In most of the European
countries marijuana usage is forbidden in both medical realm and personal
usage. Marijuana is a substance which is made out of the cannabis, which is
considered to be as a light drug. This drug is on the same level as tobacco, with
the narcotizing effects similar to one induced by tobacco usage, which is
vastly smoked by a lot of people worldwide. In 1960th, when
marijuana usage became very popular people’s opinions divided, some thought it
was harmless, while others totally disagree with this statement, also moreover,
pot at that time was way more harmful than the modern one’s. In Georgia,
discussions considering the drug usage, and more specifically cannabis is
gaining more attention than ever before, as a result it is daily broadcasted.
In my country marijuana was decriminalized, which implies that instead of going
to jail offenders will be fined according to the administrative law.  It is quite good, because people were sent to
jails because of smoking weed for several years. In my opinion this will have
positive effect on our society as wrongdoers will no more be sentenced to
several years of imprisonment. For marijuana users in Georgia, it was complete
victory. Cannabis, are in the list of the light drugs which have very few
disadvantages, fewer then tobacco. Decriminalization and further legalization
could be very profitable for the country and business.

Netherlands is the best
and the most famous example for the marijuana legalization, every year they
attract millions of tourist only because of the drug policy they implemented in
country, the economical profit from this is enormous and it is not secret that
Dutch economy was saved by the drug policy. Also significant fact is that
cannabis usage among Dutch people is low, despite the fact that it is legal.
Another very popular example for legalization is USA. This is a quite story,
where the state Colorado legalized cannabis usage for any purpose. They were
even amazed with the profit they got. According to the national survey on drug
use and health, 7.3% of Americans aged 12 or older had used marijuana one or
more times, the average age of the first usage was 17.9 years old. Before state
Colorado legalized marijuana usage, survey was held also in California where
people rejected legalization, but they say by the example of Colorado how
profitable it could. First of all, the economical profit. According to a new
report from the new frontier data, state Colorado in 2017 generated
approximately 655 million dollars from the taxes of the drug users. The taxes
income is more than the income from the alcohol which was 559 million dollars.
The impact was so huge that some counties have done infrastructural projects
for 20 years in 1 year. Legalization had not only the economical profit, but it
also hit hard to the black markets in USA. According to the Economical Journal
the crimes like: robbery, assault and murders decreased for about 12.5%. After
legalization people don’t need any more to buy it from dealers, they just can
go to the ordinary shops and buy cannabis there. Drug trafficking organization
(DTO) will have less customers, also these organizations are the main source of
violence, not only in US, in the whole world. All the money raised from the
taxes can be used to fund the rehabilitation programs for drug users, build schools and many
other. In the example of USA it is discussed economical, advantages which some
states gained after the legalization. In case of Poland, situation is very
different. In Poland as in the most European countries marijuana usage is
forbidden in all cases. According to the survey held by the students of the
Warsaw economical university, they found out that Polish government’s annual
expanses exceeds 80 million Polish zlotys every year.  We can just imagine how many things could be
done with this money. It is important to underline that over 79% of
apprehensions carried less than 3 grams of cannabis. Poland is the last
European country to legalize marijuana for medical use. Currently it is
imported from Netherlands, however it is thought that local production will
shortly be established.

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Legalization of the given
type of light drugs will have some other advantages.
First of all, this may have positive influence on the study and lead to making
it harmless than it tends to be today. In 60th, with the rise of
hippy subculture, cannabis gained its’ popularity and domestication made safer
for usage. Although  cultivation had made
it less hazardous, for further improvement more advanced study is needed and
the fact that it is illegal reduces the number of institutions that can work
with the plant to few autorither ones.  
  Legalization of cannabis
apart from, economical advantages can also help in the medical sector. Using
Marijuana for the medical purposes has a very long history. It routs lead to
the ancient India and the middle-east where cannabis was widely used as a homeopathic
remedy. In European medical annals it first appeared in the XVIII century, when
it was used as an analgesic in the army, also marijuana and the samples made
out of it is widely used for people who have cancer. Modern scientific
researches showed that marijuana is a good painkiller for the people who have
chronic pain, it helps to decrease pain rate and also for the decreasing of the
doze of the antibiotics. Frequently, such kind of treatment is appointed in
case of patients having allergic reactions to more traditional medicine.
According to the Guardian, a leading clinic in Madrid, it is shown that
cannabis can help people who are struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. There
surveys suggests that the main psycho active element of the cannabis helps to
slow down the activity of the cells which damages neurons in brain.

While the whole world is rethinking
their politics towards cannabis, Georgia has decriminalized marijuana usage.
This means that people will not go to jail for its usage, but it is still
punishable by the administrative law. In Georgia, attitude towards “weed” was
very strict, but it does not stopped people from using it. Recent survey, which
was held by the independent observation organization called “Alternative
Georgia” showed that 15.9% of the respondent had at least once tried cannabis. The
study revealed that the youngest
amongst male interviewees were of age 12 and amongst females were of age 17,
also the likelihood of consumer being male is a bit higher. In the
research were interviewed 4805 person and 69.4% of them agree that marijuana
usage must be legal. The topic “should marijuana usage be legal or not” has
divided Georgia in two parts, also it looks like younger generation is against
older because most part of the people who are against it are from the older
generation. They provide some historical arguments that legalization will lead
to the anarchy which was in the 90th. It was very hard period for
the country when in a very short time we had 3 civil wars and lost our territories.
They remember this period of time very well and remind us that when government
did not control narcotics people smoked marijuana instead of cigarettes. In
2004 with change of the government ex-president Saakashvili and his team
implemented new law against narcotics. These laws where very strict possession
of marijuana or other narcotics could lead to a jail from 8 to 11 years. Many
people had ruined their lives because of a little amount of cannabis which were
found in their pockets. Such strict rules against politics to marijuana and
other narcotics led to another problem. In Georgia began to develop so called
“pharma drug dealing”. This meant that local pharmacies were selling
psychotropic drugs to everyone. Government reacted to it and made rules of
strict recipe system, but still black markets are very strong in Georgia
despite the fact that government is paying a lot of money fight there is no
result of it. In the survey which I mentioned above people also were asked how
hard it is to buy cannabis in 24 hours. The absolute majority answered that it
is very simple.

On the other hand, Georgian
government say that marijuana legalization will be a mistake and state there
opinion by the surveys they had made. For example, ministry of internal affairs
say that marijuana is one of the most addicted drug, it is vulnerable and
damages human organism. They say that cannabis is mostly used via smoking which
damages respiratory system. Police representatives state that the capacity of
THC has risen in the cannabis. This chemical hearts cardiovascular and
respiratory systems of the human organism. Cannabis is also very danger for the
pregnant women and the child. Consumption of the cannabis in the period of
pregnancy may lead to lethal results, it may damage child optic nerves. Studies
show that in adolescents who begin to use cannabis, the risk of psychotic
disorder is doubled. The general position of the researchers around the world
is that the consumption of cannabis increases the of the car accidents. It happens,
because the hemp consumption affects coordination skills and speed of response.
Among the causes of the car accidents cranberry consumption is second after the
alcohol. Minister stated in his recent speech that the recent surveys based on
cannabis smoking data showed that this drug is dangerous for human health. Its
use is related to dependence, reducing of the cognitive abilities, behavioral
disorders, circulatory and mental problems.

Finally, I would like to
say that this king of drug always will be subject of debates, there always will
be two sides, who will agree or disagree, but the fact is that cannabis is the
most used drug in the world and governments can’t stop it. In my opinion there
is no point to fight with this drug, because to stop its usage totally is
impossible. Even in Georgia despite the very strict law system people were
still using it.  Think that government
should legalize despite the all negative consequences. By legalizing at least
they will give a serious shot to the black markets, also they can get money out
of this and the surveys showed that it is possible. I think they also will
control the quality of the substances and at least sell it in the authorized














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