In of drugs in our society and ravishing young

In this essay, I am going to discuss the problems
associated with illegal drug use, gangs, violence accompanied by it and how
police can tackle this problem and how they battling to stop the flow of
illegal drugs in our society. Drugs are not an unknown term to us and the dark
world it shaping around us is not also the mysterious
doctrine that hasn’t unveiled yet. Use of drugs can be either legal or illegal,
drugs that are controlled by government or drugs that are without control. From
a sociological point of view term drug
means “any chemical substance that has a direct effect on the users physical,
psychological, and/or intellectual functioning, has the potential to be abused
and has adverse consequences for the individual/society” (Matuska, 2017).The evolution of drugs is not a newly found phenomenon but a dilemma that has
arisen hundreds and thousands of years
ago and crimes related to drugs are widening constantly day after day. Drugs and
other substance abuse are not found in just one society but many, consuming
drugs can be voluntarily or maybe involuntarily but lurking in of drugs in our society and ravishing young lives is
worsening rapidly and pushing our young generation to the hands of severe
depression, anxiety, and violence (Tracy,
2016). Gangs are the core source of drug availability in our society and this
is where law and order come handy as the
police have to control this illegal use of drugs and their flow in our society.
So this essay will discuss the relationship between drugs, gangs and police and
how police combat the challenges posed by drugs and gangs to keep our society
safe in the future.


Drugs and crime have
a very deep-rooted connection dated long
way back in centuries and it is not quite surprising (Wright, 2009). Stereotyping
drugs as illegal is very common in our culture or in society but drugs are not
perpetually unauthorized; there are many drugs which are legalized in many
countries which they use for medicinal uses. Beside medicinal use there are few
countries which have legalized the use of drugs, for instance, weed is legalized in Netherland and another popular
example is legalising of drugs in Portugal, “which in 2001 became the first
European country to officially abolish all criminal penalties for personal
possession of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine”
( Szalavitz, 2009). Our young generation is widely immersing themselves in
the world of drugs and this is becoming one of the most common problems in our
society, the drug has a peaked up
recently due to this reason. Drug and other substance use mostly start at the
age of 14 among the teenagers which they carry on using in the future too (Carrabine
et al, 2014). When they start using these illegal drugs at the very young age they started developing a tolerance for these drugs and feel the need to
use more but they might not have enough finances, as a result, they started committing crimes to get enough money to get
drugs. This is a reason why the crime
rate is topping up year after year. This is the reason why drugs and crime are
related in so many ways. According to Wright et al “drugs and crime are related
in three ways:

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First, the immediate effect of drugs on the
mind and body may create mental or physical states that somehow facilitate
aggression or theft. Second, drugs are connected to crime when a drug user has
a pressing need to consume them but lacks the necessary funds to do so; such
situations may lead to predatory crimes, including burglary, robbery, or theft,
among others. A third way in which drugs and crime are related is that some
psychoactive substances are illegal to use, trade (buy or sell), or
grow/manufacture. When drugs are illegal, illicit market participants are
unlikely to report being victimized to the police, which means that predators
are more likely to prey on them; in turn, there may be retaliation when this
happens” (2009)


As drugs alter the mind of people, it will influence
people to commit crimes knowingly or
unknowingly. When we hear the word drugs the first word comes to our mind is
the term ‘Gangs’, it is not stereotyping since gangs are the main source of
drugs that sneaking in our societies. Gangs are formulated in each and every society of this world for drug trafficking. Young
people were to join the gangs as it is an
easy way of getting access to drugs
rapidly. Streets and poor slum areas are the main centers were drug trades take place. Carrabine et al unfolded that “the
most evident examples of drugs and crime
activity can be distinguished in two levels, firstly street-level drugs
offenders, including the activities of users sufficiently dependent that they
become involved in crime to generate funds, or those already engaged in
criminality who are then initiated into drugs use, secondly the activities of
professional crime groups involved in organising drugs distribution” (2014). Drugs
markets are found everywhere and it is a chain of buying and selling of drugs
all around the world, categorized into different groups for different purposes.
As possessions of illegal drugs are criminal offenses all the movements of drug
traffickers are very well coordinated. Desroches’s study on drug trafficking observed

“Illicit enterprises are required to engage
in risk management strategies in order to protect their assets from seizure and
their personnel from arrest and conviction. Because the risks they confront are
varied and pervasive, higher level traffickers employ a sophisticated modus
operandi that include a number of security and risk management measures that
function to protect them against theft or robbery, diminish losses through bad
loans or police seizures, shield clients from competitors, protect themselves
from would-be informants, and insulate themselves from arrest and conviction”