In of all ages. She discusses how alcoholic beverages

In the article, “Jesus is a Brand
of Jeans,” Jean Kilbourne elucidates about advertising and its influence on our
daily life and our culture. In the article, Jean has included pictures of
different advertisement and showed us how it could affect us emotionally. Jean
has pointed out the flaws in the advertisement and have conclusively explain that
it not only creates the artificial needs, but also it exploits our human
desires. Jean explained that everything in the world is just so much used to
sell something to people. She thinks that people don’t take advertisement as
seriously as they take to medias. At one point or another, everyone has become
the victim of advertising, whether they are aware of it or not. According to
Jean, the advertisement power comes from the belief that it doesn’t affect us.
This article also illustrates three main points methods that advertisements use
to attract people to buy products such as tune in, unnatural passion and
substitute stories. The way the author has represent her views are remarkable. Kilbourne
also makes a point about how quickly an advertisement can affect a culture that
is not consumerist in nature. Kilbourne has a very sound argument that one could
not help to think that advertisement propose a concept that material things are
more valuable than human beings. She also states that the unnatural passion of
people for products is like an addiction, leading to more consumerism. Advertisement
creates a climate of cynicism.  Though
the advertisers may not be evil, but the consequences of advertisement are often
destructive and is affecting the people of all ages. She discusses how alcoholic
beverages are targeting younger age groups. Instead of donating the money to
any campaign to change social consciousness, people are wasting a lot of money
in advertisement. Kilbourne has also given an example of how advertisement had
affected our culture.  The main propose
of this article is that almost everything in the world is only a stuff to be
utilized to offer something to people and changes one’s viewpoint.