In making are usually in a common and regular

In the cross cultural there are the
differences between values, attitudes, systems and practices as some of the
issues of coming together for the decision of making in the worldwide
organizations for whom are developing a universal which is rules and behavior
that has been happen in such a big business is the most challenging job. It
shows clearly that the behavior of the people is shaped by their culture. In
addition, decision making are usually in a common and regular way that taken by
the managers of the organizations, and it is carefully thought about as the
most important managerial role. Managers often meet the problems in while
taking their decisions, in which it can be classified as between the people,
intra group, and inter group. Then ultimately, the managers hope to accomplish
or to gain with the effort togetherness, avoiding the decision conflict.

Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd (DEFTECH),
they apply collectivism in the organizations. They more prefer work in a group
because for them two heads is better than one head. In addition, Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd (DEFTECH),
employers and managers are always looking for the ways to increase the
productivity, efficiency and profit in the workplace itself. The making faster
and more efficient processes, adjusting the price points or introducing new
technologies can sometimes address these goals. Sometimes the company goals
directly relate to workplace culture for example, on how workers interact with
one another, with management or with their customers.

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those managers who value the idea that the needs of all people are more
important than the needs of a single person cultures, such managers take
decisions which hold good to meet the total of everything or everyone needs.
For example, in Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd (DEFTECH), they based on the top
management which is CEO of the company who responsibility to approved certain
amount of payment. They finalize their decisions taking group agreement which
obviously helps increase to shows in a good way back and equal between people
cooperation and harmony, and also strengthens the way of thinking of where
things depend on each other in organizations.

organization, group or total of everything or everyone decision making often
tends to fall within the extent of the range of organizational culture while
social and cultural constructs influence the way we see the world. Therefore,
the managerial decision making involves mix of thinking-related and behavioral
activities such as explanation of goals and goal setting things that are the
most important, understanding of critical numbers that change or things that
change and their trends, understanding of success plans or ways of reaching
goals behind decisions, planning and putting into use the sequence of steps
involved and son. In Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd (DEFTECH) organization they
have many goals which is the decisions may have more than one goal. As example,
the organization decision goal on new product development may at the same time
draw attention to on other goals, such as cost effectiveness, quality and so
on. However, sometimes I in the process of accomplishing or gaining with effort
the many goals through decisions, we may notice that one of the goal goes
against with another.

every company include the Defence Technologies Sdn Bhd (DEFTECH), in these
organizations information on organizational activities mainly studies at the
top managerial level, which means the managers at the top level can only have
access to such information. For example, planning to converts values to action,
which is a manager, can understand which decision can make as big as possible
the return on investment. So, a plan based decision can secure or make sure of
more value addition than a non-planned or possible event decision, which often
does not account for the uncertainties.