In Kraken pro & a Hyperx cloud stinger. I

In Game Name:ZIBLACKINGGGG (Donator+)?Age:14?Country:United States of America | Eastern Standard Time Zone.?Do you have skype? If yes, are you able to use a microphone?:Yes, i have skype. and i also have a Razer Kraken pro & a Hyperx cloud stinger. I Also have Teamspeak and Discord if needed.?What is your native/main language and do you speak any other languages?:I Mainly speak english but i am also learning french in school.?How many hours can you put in the server & teamspeak per day?:Monday | 5 – 7 hours |Tuesday | 5 – 7 hours |Wednesday | 5 – 7 hours|Thrusday | 5 – 7 hours |Friday | 5 – 7 hours |Saturday | 5 – 7 hours |Sunday | 5 – 7 hours |?Why would you like to become staff?:I would like to become staff because lots of people have inspired me. For Example, The cheaters on the server have inspired me to apply because i want to rid them from the community. Also some staff and Members have also inspired me to apply ; Cypru (Head-Mod), Panqu (Resigned Moderator), MrFadeFancy (Demoted Moderator), NoBruhh (Member), Thrintios (Manager), Misbeliefs (Moderator), XenbotAFK (Trial-Moderator), Spookier (Moderator), And Merge / DSF (Moderator). Finally, The community really inspired me to apply because the community is a really amazing group of people and i would like to give back to them. Another reason i would like to become staff is because i love helping people and seeing a smile on there face and even in the bad situations i always try to make sure everyone is helped and happy. I also whould like to become staff because i know i have the experience to do my role as a staff member correctly and i believe that i would make a good member of the staff team. Another reason i would like to become staff is because there is not alot of staff on at US times and i can be on at US times and EU times everyday Also i would like to become staff because i see alot of cheaters getting away with cheating and i dont want that to happen anymore. Since I’m Also learning french in school i will be able to mostly help french players when i fully learn i am kinda early in learning but i know a few things in french not alot but a few words so far. But even if i cant understand a certain language theres always google translater. Another reason why I whould like to become staff is because i stay calm in all situations no matter what it is I always stay calm and handle it appropriately.?What makes you so special, and makes us pick you over others?:Communication :One of the most important things when being a staff member is having communication with the community and with the staff team,Personally i think communication is so important because it really helps when everyone is communicating,For me communication is essential when being a staff member in a community you always wanna listen to what the players have to say as well as you always want to listen to what your fellow staff members have to say and help them in whatever situation you can.Also with the right usage of communication you can solve any problem on the server in any situation.Activity :I’m very active on Practice 2.0 i really dont play much else on coldnetwork but sometimes i play HCFactions / Kitmap.But i do mostly spend my time pvping on Practice 2.0 or even just talking to someone in coldnetwork teamspeak.Or i do both at the same time because why not, I’m mostly on the server for around 11 hours a day but you can see my full schedule above.Also i make sure to be as active as possible on the forums.Screensharing :I’m pretty decent at screensharing, i always stay calm and patient while screensharing and i always keep the positive attitudethat the player im screensharing is legit. I always make sure to my fullest ability that i screenshare the player the best i can.Kindness / Respect :Being kind is essential when being a staff member in any community, Personally being kind means to treat a member of the server likeyour own family and treat them as if they where at home and always treat anyone with respect no matter what. respect and kindness is something that everyone needs for each other.Scenarios1 – Player A Reports Player B for Cheating what do you do?If a player reports another for cheating i will make sure to spectate the player that is reported for cheatingAnd watch them as closely as possible so that i can see if they are cheating. If they seem sketchy to me i willmake sure to ask a higher staff member then me (a Trial-Moderator or a Moderator) to spectate the player that was reported /i think is cheating and ask them if they can freeze / ss him.2 – Player B Threatens to ddos / dox Player A what do you do?First i will ask the player (Player A) for proof that the other player (Player B) threatened to ddos themIf proof is provided that the player (Player B) threatened to ddos the other player (Player A) thenthe player (Player B) will be punished for threating to ddos / dox the other player (Player A).3 – Player C is abusing / abused a glitch to get in Player D’s base what do you do?Ok so if Player C abused a glitch to get into Player D’s baseI whould ask Player D for Proof that Player C glitched into his base.If proof is provided that Player C glitched into Player D’s base punishment will follow.4 – Player F died to Player E who was cheating what do you do?First i ask Player F if he has any proof that Player E abused into his baseif Player F provides proof that Player E was cheating.Then punishment will follow for Player E and Player Fwill be revived, DTR restored, And Inventory rolled back as well as any damage done.If Player F has no proof that Player E was cheating then i will watch player E andinvestigate for as long as i can to insure that Player E is ether cheating or legit.5 – Player G is xraying & setting off xray alerts / Cheating Alerts what do you do?So if a player (Player G) is setting off alerts for xray / cheats i will spectate the player (Player G)for as long as i possibly can to see if they are cheating or not while spectating the player i will look forwhat alert they set off and see if they are using it as well as look for other cheats / blacklisted modificationsthat the player (Player G) chould possibly be using. If im not sure that the player is cheating i will freeze himand ask him to come in teamspeak or admit to cheating / using blacklisted modifications if admited they will stillrecive punishment but shorter since admited if anything is found in the ss they will be blacklisted.6 – Chat SpamSo if a player is chat spamming (4 lines or more)i will mute them for 15 minutes and give them a warn for spamming.7 – RacismSo if a player is being racist to another player or in generalthey will be muted for 30 minutes and be warned for racism.8 – Suicidal EncouragementIf a player is encouraging suicide they will be muted for 15 minutesand warned for suicidal encouragement.9 – Advertising If a player is advertising a server they will be permanently banned from Cold NetworkIf a player Advertises a Unofficial Discord they will receive a 15 minute mute anda warning for Advertising a unofficial discord.If a player is Advertising a Youtube channel without being youtube / famous / partner rank (or without permission)they will receive a 15 minute mute and a warning for advertising a youtube channel / link without permission / being youtube / famous / parter rank10 – Player B Hackusates Player AIf a player (Player B) hackusates another player (Player A)Player B will be muted for 15 minutes.?Do you have any past experience being a staff member?:|DevilUHC| 250 – 650 players | Adminstrator / OP | I dont exactly have any proof for this server hopefully you can just take my word,I learned alot from this server also had a great experience. Although I was there for a short time the experience was great, The server is a spanish server And i didnt speak the greatest spanish but the community is still great the staff on the server where always really helpful in helping me translate and the players where always understanding i learned on that server that the players mean alot on servers, I did sadly get demoted from that server because i didnt speak very good spanish as well as i messed up in a sitiuation where i shouldnt have, But hopefully that will never happen again luckly me and the owner of the server are still amazing friends. And talk alot we have got passed what happened because luckly it wasnt anything major i just messed up on hosting a UHC event thats the reason i got demoted but the server was still a great experience |DeltaHCF| 50 – 100 players | Moderator | Again not alot of proof but if you ask Thrintios about someone named ECards he should say that i was staff on Delta. Another decent server the community was Ok on this server a little toxic and i did learn abit from this server, I did indeed get demoted on this server as well but not for a very bad reason ether I was demoted for abusing for a friend on kitmap it didnt really hurt anyone im pretty sure i might have spawned him in some stuff like some god apples or somethingafter I was demoted i got ddosed by the owner of the server which wasnt the best experience for me, But luckly we resolved this and they didnt hit me off / ddos me again and we we’re fine after that. I do have alot more experience But those where the main bigger servers ive been staff on the other ones i dont exactly remember because they where smaller servers. But those we’re mostly my main experiences.Additional InformationRegarding my bans (3 bans) :First ban was a test allowed by me Second & Third ban was a mistake and has been resolved. i know that will help me as a member of the staff team./Ban (Name/IP) (Reason) (-s for silent ban)/Tempban (Name/IP) (Amount of time : Example 7d / 7h / 7m / 7s) (Reason)/IPBan (IP/Name) (Reason) (-s for silent ban)/BanIP (IP/Name) (Reason) (-s for silent ban)/Blacklist (Name) (Reason (-s for silent blacklist)/Unban (Name/IP)/Warn (Name) (Reason)/Kick (Name) (Reason)/Mute (Name) (Reason)/Tempmute (Name) (Reason)/Unmute (name)/Clearchat/Mutechat or /Chatmute/tp (name)/tpo (name)/tphere (name)/tp (name) to (name) : Example (/tp NoBruhh ZIBLACKINGGG)/tpohere (name)/v/vanish/gamemode 1/gmc/gamemode 0/gms/gamemode 3/gmsp/mod/staff/ss (name)/freeze (name)/alts (name)/history (name)Regarding my forum’s account // my in game account not being registered for 3+ weeks :Ok so my current forums account (ZIBLACKINGGG) and my current in game account (ZIBLACKINGGG)have only been registered on the server for about 2days. But i do have a old account and a oldforums account that have been registered for 3+ weeksProof : (Forums)Proof : (Forums)I dont have any proof in game because i unregistered the america and american account i had registeredbut hopefully you can believe me.Information About me :Hi, my name is David im 14 years old i live in the united states of america and i play a block game.Ive been playing Minecraft for around 5 years and ive been playing cold for around 1 year (On other account’s)When i first joined cold network it was practice 1.0 and they used old kohi maps and it was a pretty fun time to play cold networkand it still is today.Hopefully you liked my application. I appreciate all rating’s i get on my application (+1 Neutral -1)