In his neighbor Jay Gatsby, a mysterious man, a

In the first place “The Great Gatsby”, is a
film based on a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and first published on
April 10, 1925. As a matter of fact, Nick is one of the characters that tells
the story as the first person, having a partial and total point of view,
objective because it describes the characters and is telling all the facts
throughout the film. In contrast to this the film is structured into four main parts, beginning
with Nick when starts to know more about the life of Jay Gatsby, the Friendship
with Gatsby, the murder of Myrtle and the Burial of Gatsby. Nick is the
narrator of the film, where there is not much specified about him, so is a
little difficult to observe, as we see the whole novel through their eyes.

“The Great Gatsby”, set in 1922 in New
York and Long Island, the United States, the social context of the time, the
twenties of the twentieth century in the US, a time better known for its
prosperity, cultural development and a boom of social bubbles within the
classes. This environment supports the development and understanding of the
story, as well as the characters, of this story. The character of Nick is
invited to the opulence of the American society around him, among which are his
cousin Daisy along with her husband Tom, as well as his neighbor Jay Gatsby, a
mysterious man, a new rich, who likes to offer parties at his great mansion and
whom few know beyond what rumors tell them of it.

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The characters are constantly wondering about true
love in contrast to banal love; The feelings and the importance of them to
their own benefit during a moment of prosperity and abundance that obliges the
people to leave in the background the aptitudes and the physical or
intellectual skills; It is better to be accepted in a society of this nature
when you take a pose than when you are faithful to oneself. This critique and
reflection is what the authors leave to the eye during the history and is,
therefore, the strongest message that their content can transfer.

In conclusion, the idea of the so-called American
Dream is also a constant in the content of this work. With a cruel and blunt
tone, history speaks of idealism above all things, emphasizes moments such as
when the idealized image can become tangible or when it is a simple unachievable
mirage. The contrast is constantly represented in the film with various
elements, such as scenes and images seen through mirrors or in the reflection
of the water, as well as the scenes in which two twins appear dancing on the
track during the festivities offered by Gatsby. The extreme of the situations
and the decisions of the characters, the destiny that touches them, are a way
to absorb the reality of their environment, their perspectives before their
real circumstances, desire for possibilities. Overall
“The Great Gatsby” culminates with the beginning of decay for many of
its characters and the future that has already arrived, palpable or impalpable
for them, but clear to the spectator who has witnessed the exuberance, or the
desire of it, and its consequences.