In him why it was wrong and move on,

In the beginning of this story, Yevgeny Petrovitch Bykovsky is having some difficulties disciplining his son for stealing his tobacco and then proceeding to smoke it. He decides to start with going about it from a very logical standpoint, explain to him why it was wrong and move on,  but he was in for a rude awakening when he called his son in to speak to him about it. He realizes that he needs to change from his logic to a more imaginative standpoint by telling fables and stories. Yevgeny’s first approach was to talk to his son and propose a fix using logic instead of talking to him like a 7 year old would. He told him about how angry her would be if someone stole his tobacco…(“you ought not to take tobacco that does not belong to you. Every person has only the right to make use of his own property; if he takes anyone else’s . . . he is a bad man!”) and then proceeded to tell him about how bad tobacco is for his heath and how he should not smoke it ( “Tobacco is very bad for the health, and anyone who smokes dies earlier than he should. Uncle Ignat died of consumption, you know. If he hadn’t smoked, perhaps he would have lived till now.”). As soon as he mentioned uncle ignant, naturally  Seryozha’s mind started to wander immensely.He thought about how beautifly his uncle played the violin and many other things.Yevgeny then realized on page 236 of the text that “I am not explaining properly!” thought the prosecutor. “It’s wrong! Quite wrong!”. After Yevgeny made this realization he then changed the way he explained. He included stories and poems and fables to help his son understand. “The old emperor had an only son and heir of his kingdom — a boy as little as you.” He went on and on about how the son was a good boy and was never bad and was a sensible boy. Her then said “He had only one fault, he used to smoke. . . .”. He used this story to reinforce the fact that he did not want Seryozha to smoke. This story helped get through to him that smoking is very bad and is never something he should do. By the end of the story he realized that the only way to get through to his son is to use fables and tell stories. By changing his ways, Yevgeny was able to teach his son a valuable life lesson that will forever shape his moral compass in the right direction.