In be ahead of everyone and have forgotten that

today’s world technology have developed so much that it made our life so simple,
easier and comfortable that every task can be done without even moving our body.
Nowadays everyone is in the race with each other and try to be ahead of
everyone and have forgotten that there are people who are deprived of these
technologies. One of this group of people are people with disabilities.

people can easily communicate with each other vocally without any barriers or
obstacles, but it is difficult to communicate with the people who have the
problem with communication that involves speech. One of these incapable groups
is the people with the speech impairment. This incapability makes them fall
apart from being fully successful and dependable person in the society as they
lack a very important aspect of anyone’s character. As a result, they suffer a
lot mentally as they can’t really represent themselves and communicate with
each other. Moreover, they are scared to represent themselves in this world as
their self-confidence is decreased and they feel very insecure. However, now it
is possible to overcome such problem and make people with speech impairment
able to normally communicate with the normal people without any difficulties.
There are several technologies for this purpose. Although an up-to-date
technology is used in these current systems there remain drawbacks and
disadvantages. The aim of this project is to improve the communication with the
people who have speaking difficulties and use any sign language to express
them. At first we taught, how difficult it could be to make a sign language
converter and how to make something that normal people can understand what the
impaired person is trying to say and they don’t find it difficult.

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After we
did research about sign languages, it is figured out that there are
approximately 240 sign languages that exist for spoken languages in the world.
Therefore it is not easy to work with all sign languages, as our intention is
to help to make communication easy between an impaired person and normal person.
After having an idea about sign languages that exist in this world, we decided
to build the mobile application in which there are many different features for
communication between the impaired person and the normal person. This allows us
to combine programming languages in a software that can build android
application. Finally, it was decided to produce Java-based program which can
make text to speech recognition, speech to text recognition and motion to
speech recognition. So a speech impaired person can easily speak to the person
in front of them and they can understand easily without the ability to speak
sign language.

Problem Statements

The method of communication with the impaired person (mute person) has
been the same throughout for centuries. The methods are using sign language,
writing on paper or existing devices that convert sign language. Sign language
is difficult to learn and not many people understand sign language and we don’t
expect everyone to understand sign language. Therefore it is difficult for
people to communicate with each other. This cause problem for impaired persons
to be accepted in this world, find the job and become successful, as there is
lack of communication technologies that are easily available to allow
conversation between Person with Speech Impairment (PSI) and normal people. Moreover,
there is not a specific sign language for everything. There are many different
languages in this world, every country has its own languages therefore they
have their own sign languages. In today’s world, everyone is so busy in their
life that no one will take out time to learn sign language. Therefore there
should be a device that can help us communicate with the speech impairment
people and they can communicate with us easily.

There can be few or many situation where we can’t find paper or pen or
any written device which will make it difficult to communicate with each

The devices that
already exist need close proximity. Require high
performance processor and high resolution camera. The device is not that
friendly as we can’t carry it everywhere. The gloves are not convenient to wear
everytime.To solve above problems we are building a mobile application that is
user friendly.