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In Modern Society, Drug abuse is rising in many countries  one of which is the United Kingdom. Billions of pounds are spent globally preventing drug use, treating addicts, and battling drug-related crimes. I believe that  Class A substances, particularly heroin, cocaine , rocks and euphoria, are broadly accessible all through the UK. Despite the fact that drug use impacts on society. I have chosen this issue as I have seen a rise in drugs through the media affecting the UK. After reading the guardian and hearing that drug abuse is hitting the highest levels over recent years. However, facilities are facing major cuts. This has made me more interested in the subject and what to do more research into it ‘despite drug overdoses hitting record levels, an investigation by the Guardian has found that 11 local authorities in England, both those who were projected to cut most and least, have made average cuts of 17% between 2015-16 and 2016-17 more than 15m in total’ (Turriff, the guardian, 2017).This essay looks at and critically evaluates some of the effects of drug use and the threats posed by this crime issue on society and ways that it can be successfully combated. Over time the drug market has been known to increase with a decrease in cost of substances. This increase is winding up the market for drugs and making them easily affordable. This is especially perpetuated in younger individuals seeing MDMA having the biggest increase in consumption. I believe the decrease in the cost of drugs is connected to the rise of drugs. For example take Austria the price of cocaine in Austria is significantly higher than in the U.K. and they have just 0.3% of individuals admitting to using it compared to 4.4% in the U.K. ‘Drug-induced deaths refer to deaths that can be attributed directly to the use of illicit drugs (i.e. poisonings and overdoses)’. The drug actuated death rate in Austria Among grown-ups (matured 15-64 years) was 26.4 deaths for every million in 2015, which is higher than the latest European average of 20.3 deaths for each million. The drugs instigated death rate among grown-ups in the United Kingdom (matured 15-64 years) was 60.3 deaths for every million of every 2014, very nearly three times the latest European normal of 20.3 passings for each million. ‘There were 3,744 drug poisoning deaths involving both legal and illegal drugs in England and Wales registered in 2016; this is 70 higher than 2015 (an increase of 2%) and the highest number since comparable statistics began in 1993′(DrugWise, 2017).