In and motivates his or her subordinates. A Successful

my opinion there is a clear difference between a leader and a boss. A boss is
more of a person who manages his or her subordinates, whereas a leader in my
opinion is a person who leads the group, inspires and motivates his or her
subordinates. A Successful leader is one who is aware of his or her own
strengths and weaknesses (Is able to conduct a SWOT analysis on himself or
herself). So the answer to what kind of a leader I would like to be is easy.
That is that I will play towards my strengths those are that I am Prudent,
Empathic, Team Player and Confident. I would be a leader who would lead by
example rather than being a hypocrite. I would follow the same set of rules and
behave the same way I expect my subordinates to behave in, because I believe
the best way to make sure rules are being followed is by making sure the senior
managers are also following them. Such as having to come to office on time,
following the dress code and other things that have been mentioned in the code
of conduct. As
we are working in the banking industry is vital for any leader in the banking
industry to be always prudent. There are two types of work that is being done
in banks one that is routine work that doesn’t have much effect on the overall
reputation of the bank and on the other side the work that will directly or
indirectly effect the reputation of the bank. In the second case a leader has
no option but to ensure that work of his and that of his team is up to the
required standards or else the bank will have to face a higher reputation risk.
In banking the reputation is very important and needs to be at top priority.
Every successful leaders need to have extraordinary social skills, in my
opinion, one very important characteristic that a leader needs to have is to be
empathetic. There is a very big difference between being empathic and being
sympathetic. Being empathic is putting yourself in another person’s shoes and
trying to understand the situation from their point of view. Whereas
sympathetic means feeling sorry for the person. So I feel that a leader needs
to see that his subordinates are human and their feeling need to be taken into
consideration. I will try my best to look from the perspective of subordinates
and then react to a situation or assign any duties. Some may say that this
isn’t practical, but in my opinion I feel it’s necessary.  Next important characteristic I feel that a
leader should have is that they have to be confident. The man reason being that
in any crisis the team members always look towards their leader. If the leader
panics or shows fear then the situation will escalate and become worse. A
leader a person who has to take charge of the situation and do perform duties
such as being a disturbance handler, resource allocator etc… . Although in any
negative situation I would be concerned or worried, but will make sure I remain
calm in front of my subordinates. Any adverse situation should be handled in
such a manner that it is a routine situation. 
good quality that a leader should possess is that a leader should be a team
player. If a leader doesn’t function will with others then it will become
difficult for him to manage his or her team efficiently. Having a good synergy
with your subordinates is important for any team to function properly. I would
make sure a good synergy exist within my team. Which will help me in achieving
our targets and objectives that have been set. I feel that a person who is an
introvert has no business being in any leadership position. I would be more of
a mentor and motivator rather than being a Ball-breaker. I feel that people
tend to respond more efficiently when they are given a pat on the back and are
encouraged to improve their performance rather being scolded at or being punished.

I would choose my subordinates in such a manner that skills I lack or the
weaknesses I possess are being overcome. Having a diverse set of individuals in
a team will be more beneficial rather having individuals with homogeneous set
of skills. In my ending note I will like to say is that a leader is a person
who plays to his/her strengths and tries to overcome his/her weaknesses through
choosing the right team. After choosing the right team a successful leader
should make it function like a happy family in order to maximize output and

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