In also can be a barrier for the developers.

In this Report i will discuss the concept and the development process of mobile Application. i will be covering many different aspects, for example i will go in depth about the different techniques of debugging and optimisation. the support of multimedia and also different issues that can occur on the way. also i will cover many more like for example application and data security, use of version control etc. i will also go into depth about the limitations of the development process of mobile applications that can occur and also can be a barrier for the developers. 

Debugging and optimisation techniques

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Debugging in the process of developing a mobile application is a multistep procedure that includes distinguishing an issue, disconnecting the wellspring of the issue, and after that either adjusting the issue or deciding an approach to work around it. The last advance of debugging  is to test the revision or workaround and ensure it works.

Their are many different debugging tools available but their are many common ones like Source code analysers, which incorporate security, basic code blunders and many-sided quality analysers, can likewise be useful in troubleshooting. An unpredictability analyser can discover modules that are so mind boggling as to be difficult to comprehend and test. A few apparatuses can really break down a trial to perceive what lines of code were not executed, which can help in investigating. Other investigating instruments incorporate propelled logging and test systems that enable the software engineer to demonstrate how an application on a cell phone will show and carry on. an example of a debugging tool is Heaptrace

Their are many different debugging techniques like the Brute Force Method, This technique is most normal and slightest productive for confining the reason for a product mistake. We apply this technique when all else come up short. In this strategy, a printout of all registers and pertinent memory areas is acquired and examined. All dumps ought to be very much reported and held for conceivable use on resulting issues. You also have the Back Tracking Method It is a very well known approach of investigating which is utilised successfully if there should be an occurrence of little applications. 

Analysis of available development tools

Similarly as there are programming apparatuses accessible to aid the essential working of programming code, there are devices that screen how programming is carrying on as it runs. These product examination apparatuses offer perceivability into the execution history of an application. There are four essential sorts of programming debugging apparatuses: 

> Code Coverage—Measures the measure of the product that has been executed 

> Instruction Trace—Creates a record of precisely what occurs as the code is executed 

> Memory Analysis—Tracks the code’s memory utilisation and distinguishes conceivable blunders 

> Performance Analysis—Identifies execution bottlenecks and different issues permitting adjusting of the application for higher execution 

The essential distinction between programming investigation instruments and conventional debugging is that product examination apparatuses don’t expect you to stop the application to test it. Debugging includes beginning and ceasing the product over and over to look at the code that was executed with a specific end goal to comprehend the control stream inside the application. 

The debugging strategy is hazardous in an installed domain, where frameworks can’t generally be halted, or where ceasing the framework hinders or skews the examination. Consider the power train programming that controls a car’s transmission framework. With a constant framework, for example, this one, it is essential to utilise instruments that can assemble data and screen the control streams as the application runs, so the designer can be guaranteed that execution and other operational plan determinations are met. This method guarantees that the framework won’t bomb once conveyed.