Impact[SS1] for example in Netherlands see figure 1 below:

ImpactSS1 ALe2  of
Euthanasia on society in the EU


By Adrianna Lukasiak

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Facts about the impact of euthanasia on the
society in the EU                Page 2 – 5

Opinions and point of view                                                              
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Effects on society                                                                                    
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and disadvantages on society of science and technology    Page 8

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to addressing the issue                                               
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References                                                                                               Page 11 -13












impact of Euthanasia on European Union SocietySS6 ALe7 SS8 


Aim: In this piece of
writing there will be a lot of material about what are different people
opinion’s on euthanasia, aspect on why is it illegal in the UK, what makes it
such a controversial topic and most importantly what impact does euthanasia
and/or assisted suicide has on people in the EU.


Introduction: Euthanasia
is a process of knowingly ending someone’s life or so called assisted suicide. This
topic has been chosen because of the interest in its controversy as well as
personal curiosity in the subject. Euthanasia has always been a controversial
topic to talk or write about. People got various opinions on the subject but
are afraid to speak up. Euthanasia has a huge impact on the society because of
multiple reasons; religion, moral reasons, personal believes as well as
medical/scientific reasons.

about the impact of euthanasia on the society in the EU:

Deaths that were caused by euthanasia have spiked in the
last years in countries that euthanasia has been legalised in for example in
Netherlands see figure 1 below:

Since euthanasia been legalised in Netherlands death rate
went through the roof. Explaining why some of the countries do not want to
legalise it (see figure 1 for more details) as shown on figure 1 the number of
people has risen rapidly since euthanasia became legal in Netherlands.

causing controversy around the world especially in the Christian countries
where people don’t recognise the choice of life because of their believes which
states that life should be celebrated not taken away as it is the greatest gift
of all as well as taking away your own life is recognised as sin. For data see
figure 2 it clearly shows that people who are of Christian believes are
disagreeing the most with the legalisation of euthanasia. Figure 3 on the other
hand shows a data on different aspects and different circumstances in which
people of different religions agree or disagree with legalisation of


case has continues campaigns during which people are trying to legalise it
there are multiple celebrities leaning towards a favour of the legalising side of
the argument. The “for” campaingn has taken a strategy of using
celebrities to spread their views on it to convince more people that euthanasia
should be legal.

Oregon the cases of Euthanasia as a cause of death went up but still stayed in
the very low percentage being under 0.2% out of all death cause. As shown on
figure 4 the number of deaths due to assisted suicide are quite low in
comparison to the other counties.

are only 10 countries that legalised Euthanasia in comparison there are 195
countries those are Belgium, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Albania, Switzerland,
United States of America, Columbia, Luxemburg and Canada. Out of those countries
6 is European. Figure 5 shows countries in which there euthanasia is legal, in
which assisted suicide under special circumstances is allowed as well as the
countries which are not tolerating any kind or form of euthanasia and in which
it is strictly illegal. 

Euthanasia has been legalised in Netherlands people started to fear their
doctors might kill them therefore they started to carry little cards on them
which say that they do not agree with assisted suicide and do not want it.SS13  Their way of thinking is reasonable since
the death rate risen so high very fast as you can see in the figure 6 the
highest number of deaths by euthanasia happens in Netherlands which gets people
worried. The graph is based only on one of institutions which is “Dignitas” a Swiss
non-profit members’ society providing assisted suicide.










and points of view

There are multiple different
opinions about euthanasia but the ones that stand out the most is campaigns pro
and against euthanasia which will be discussed below:

Opinion 1 – “Dignity in dying”
campaign lead by Dr Sarah Wootton

The people who are in “for campaign” are
convinced that euthanasia doesn’t shorten life because in the counties that
euthanasia is legal it’s only for the ones who cannot be treated for their
deadly conditions or the ones who don’t have a lot of time left. Also if some
of their organs could be used in transplant after euthanasia it could
potentially safe a lot of lives of the ones whose conditions are treatable but
need a transplant. The big issue recently has appeared about overpopulation and
euthanasia could improve that because people who are on life support are using
resources that can be used for someone else if the person doesn’t want to carry
on the poor quality of their life anymore hospital can use that persons
hospital bed for someone who does. One of their biggest arguments for is the
fact that the alternatives to euthanasia are quite horrifying like people
trying to kill themselves in a different way or living with the disease in
constant discomfort and ending up being a burden to family or even generations
of family.SS14  This opinion was based of multiple
people’s opinions who are campaigning for euthanasia to be legalised including
doctors who were taken into consideration into vote according to which 1 out of
3 doctors agree with legalising euthanasia.

Opinion 2 – “Caring NOT
killing” campaign lead by Nola Leach

The other side of an argument are people
“against euthanasia” which have some points of their own. Majority of people
against are religious people especially the ones of the Christian variety there
are multiple factors which have to be taken into consideration religion, morals
and simply opinions of other people. The points people against are making is
that “we don’t have to kill people to kill the symptoms” that there is no such
thing as too much pain and that almost all kinds of pain can be relived
nowadays. The pro-life people also don’t believe that people who are sick are a
burden because there are such things as hospices where they can be taken care of
without family’s help. It would also mean that doctors would have to compromise
theirs believes and morals as their job description would include a duty to
kill. SS15 This opinion was based on multiple
people’s opinions who are campaigning against euthanasia including a lot of
doctors who are against such practice.

Writers’ opinion

In writers opinion both sides
have a point
the writer believes are that SS16 people should be allowed to have the
choice whether they want to live or die if their condition is deadly or there
is no hope for improvement. It’s true that some people aren’t in the position
to agree for euthanasia for example if the person isn’t mentally stable or
their thinking is compromised or altered by someone else’s opinion. There are a
lot of things that make people vulnerable or they just go through hard time at
the time of making that decision. So in conclusion writers’ opinion is that euthanasia
should be allowed if people have condition that is not curable, painful and
there’s no hope for improvement also only if there’s a certainty that the
patient is fully aware of what the decision means and mentally capable of
making the decision.


on society:

Effect on family of the

Some people fear that suicide
or assisted suicide is wrong for the reason of leaving people you love with a
great pain after your death and leaves them to mourn someone that could have
lived long years instead of dying but it makes you wonder if your loved ones
would prefer you to suffer than to let go of you. There was cases in which the
terminally ill cancer patients chose to go through with euthanasia rather than
wait for death to come and families of the patients took it better than the
ones whose close ones decided not to go through with euthanasia. It appears
that people who have a chance to say good bye rather than waiting on
unpredictable end of their loved ones deal better with the loss of their loved


Effect on older people:

People start to fear for their
life due to the high rates of death that legalisation on euthanasia or assisted
suicide has caused. People who now live in the countries in which it is legal
they are afraid that it may happen to them without their agreement and that the
doctors will proceed without their permission with euthanasia especially older
people are afraid that euthanasia may be used as a way to decrease population
of countries as the overpopulation of our planet became quite a big issue now.


Effect on medical staff:

There is a big issue which was
created due to the right to choose whether you want to live or die the issue
being the new responsibility for the doctors that ask of them to kill the
patients even if it’s against their believes, religion and morals. A lot of
doctors are left traumatised after the procedure of euthanasia which is why in
Belgium there is a special entitlement to psychotherapy after euthanizing a
patient for the doctors, it’s also quite common to see a pattern in days off
being taken by nurses whom don’t support euthanasia but law asks them to be ok with
it therefore there’s a trend in them taking days off on the days for which
euthanasia is planned for.



and disadvantages on society of science and technology




One of the main advantages to
science would be that because we have a lot of people suffering from the
terminal illnesses or untreatable ones allowing euthanasia to people who are
not willing to live and can’t live with dignity we are dealing with other issue
which is over populationSS17  which would significantly decrease as
people who no longer want to live would have an opportunity to a dignified

Overpopulation is not an only
issue there also are the people who don’t want to live and are forced to because
of the law even if they have no conditions to live with dignity some of them
even can’t move so they are fated to spend the rest of their life in a hospital
bed. With euthanasia being legalised those beds who will no longer be occupied
by people who no longer what to be helped will be available to people who need
surgeries or cancer patients who still have a will to live and can get better
on a long run. As well as it would help science to develop further with the
money that government would spend on people who didn’t want to be helped.




Countries in which euthanasia
is already legal people live in fear and are afraid of non-voluntary euthanasia
taking place. Euthanasia being legalised would have a huge impact on our
society and it could potentially scare people away from hospitals which could
lead to people dying because they would refuse to seek help they need.


A huge disadvantage is that because people know that there
is no cure to their sickness they would result themselves to euthanasia but if
people don’t undergo medical trials for new possible cures there will be no new
cures invented for those illnesses or it will completely put off the
researchers from trying to invent them if people undergo euthanasia.









Conclusion 1

The conclusion that can be drawn out of opinion 1 is that
the part of society which supports legalisation of euthanasia is that they
follow science, free will and the right to choose who are untouched by personal
believes such as religion or what other people might say about it, they believe
that the right to choose is more important than personal believes because you
can’t understand situation like this until you’re put in that particular



Conclusion 2

The conclusion that can be drawn out of opinion 2 is that
the part of people believe that legalisation of euthanasia would have a bad
outcome that older patients would fear their doctors that some people might
undergo euthanasia involuntarily by people whom might believe that they are
helping with overpopulation problem or founding for beds for people who they
might think don’t deserve it as much as the others. They are also considering
peoples morals, religion and personal believes and don’t want to force doctors
to put their hand into an assisted suicide.



Personal conclusion

In conclusion the issue has been around for a long time now
and because of general public the issue has never been resolved there are too
many differing opinions to make a decision sometimes is due to ethical reasons,
religious reasons or even personal believes and strong personalities either way
as discussed in some of the facts there are too many things that have to be
taken into consideration so there will never be a definite yes vote for
legalising euthanasia or even a proper referendum. There are many valid points
on both sides of the argument from both economical/ scientific point of view as
well as the ethical point of view. People always had strong opinions about
every issue that involved human rights and as there is multiple advantages for
the economics and science people who direct themselves with the ethics side of
argument will never start seeing the advantages just like people who are
supposing science instead of a personal agenda will not start looking back on
people who are undergoing euthanasia in order for science to move forward.




to addressing the issue

The recommendation suggested
is that the society as well as scientific one as in ethical one should start
looking at every single case differently because no every patient who is sick
and in pain should undergo euthanasia just as not every doctor should agree to
carry out euthanasia if their religion or personal believes don’t allow them to
do so. The legalisation on euthanasia would be the right step towards human
rights as we should be allowed to make the decisions about our lives. As long
as it’s under the right conditions it’s believed that euthanasia can turn out
to be really beneficial to today’s economy and society.



Conclusion 1 was
drawn out of the opinion 1 on the issue which was supported with research of
the people for legalising euthanasia their views were strongly represented by
reasons that support it for personal and scientific reasons not backed away by
some of the other people’s morals which keep us from progressing.

Conclusion 2 was
drawn out of the opinion 2 on the issue being people who are in campaign
against euthanasia who are people with strong personalities and/or believes so
they are more concerned to what will happen to people if the evolution carries
on the way it does rather than a small progress in science that it would
provoke by legalising it.

Personal conclusion was
drawn out of both of the opinions and the own opinion of the writer it was
supported by all the facts shown in the research which means that  all research was taken into account to come
together in one final conclusion.




What went wrong

The main problem with the STS
project was that the timeline was drown up to the 26/12/2017 and that the essay
was finished prior to that date which means that whole of the timeline didn’t
go as planned if there was a second attempt in this what would change it would
definitely be the layout of the timeline and more careful following the dates
associated with it so the STS project would finish in the assigned date.




Lessons learned

The writer has definitely
expanded the skill of research online as well as in books it was an important
skill as it will be needed in the future more than once. Another skill that was
developed over STS writing was the essay writing in appropriate layout and in
the way that not only that meets college expectations but universities as well.
All skills learned will definitely not be forgotten.




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