II. It uses a finger print detection and recognition




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Everywhere in the world the vehicle usage became important and also
biometric and non-biometric methods are provided for preventing it from theft.
The recognition techniques like fingerprint recognition, iris recognition and
facial recognition are the biometric systems becoming popular. Among these
techniques, fingers print recognition and detection systems are easy to use,
sophisticated and without their knowledge persons can be identified.

The security system for a vehicle, the objective is ensure safety of
vehicle by avoiding the means of theft and to prevent the theft of

vehicle. Ensuring authentication of driving is through finger print
recognition system that authenticates the user and gives access to the ignition
system. Biometric identification based security systems are considered to be
the most secure systems because of their ability to identify people with
minimal ambiguity. It uses a finger print detection and recognition system that
identifies and verifies a person automatically by extracting unique features of
that person’s fingerprint from an image. Fortunately, In general automated
biometrics can provide a much more accurate and reliable user authentication
method and fingerprint recognition is the one which is widely used. The key
factor of biometric recognition is identifying a person based on his or her
physiological characteristics.


Ignition using Fingerprint Sensor




Both the hardware and the software play an equal and an important role.
Instead of using the conventional methods to start the vehicle, Fingerprint of
the owner of the vehicle is use to start the vehicle. Rather than using the key
of the car to start the vehicle fingerprint is used to ignite and it gives more
security to the vehicle, since fingers can’t be duplicated. The center of the
User Authentication and the Vehicle Ignition is 16 bit AVR microcontroller. The
Fingerprint sensor takes the fingerprint of the user and sends the signals to
the microcontroller. Then microcontroller matches the scanned fingerprint with
the one that are stored in the database. Once the fingerprint get matched, the
microcontroller then sends the desired signal to the vehicle to ignite for the
user then can start the vehicle. Fingerprints can be added or deleted to the
database as per the user’s convenience. Since the microcontroller has a little
bit of flash memory available in it, the fingerprints can be stored. A GSM
module is also used which also plays an important role along with it three buttons
are present. A message is sent to all the registered users whenever a
non-authenticated person tries to scan his fingerprint. Since the vehicle will
not start without the fingerprint of the registered users. The vehicle have to
store the fingerprints of the users who are going to drive the vehicle. An LCD
display is also used for display the status whether the fingerprints are being
added, deleted or a successful authentication.