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If you’ve ever heard of a speed-breaking legend of the 90s, surely you are not familiar with the name Mclaren. McLaren F1 is the first car that can penetrate the speed of more than 360 km / h, until now its existence is still a legendary supercar world.Precisely in 1998, this car is capable of holding a record speed of nearly 10 years before overtaken by Bugattei Veyron. However, after McLaren F1, it seems Mclaren does not have another significant supercar in the international arena. Mclaren also launched McLaren P4-12C is less successful and in demand by Sportscar lovers. Now Mclaren trying to seize his glory through the latest supercar model called Mclaren P1.This concept car as the fastest Mclaren car, even more than Mclaren F1 though. There are no complete details on this car, but some sources say this car will have more than 600 hp power with super light weight that is able to bring this car raced quickly compared to the supercar on the market.Mclaren P1 RearAccording to Chief Design Engineer Mclaren And Parry-Williams Mclaren P1 is designed to be the fastest on the circuit, instead of talking about how high the maximum speed is. The statement may be intentional to insinuate the Bugatti Veyron which focuses on the problem of maximum speed compared to the handling of the vehicle. According to him, this car is the fastest car that we can take on the circuit, the performance and handling is amazing!This car will be equipped with carbon fiber monocell body is very strong and lightweight. Not only that, sophisticated fixtures like pushrod suspension are re-set with hydraulic springs with anti rolled technology, adaptive dampers, active aerodynamics, front and rear spoilers, Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes and the latest control traction from Mclaren.Unfortunately this car is only sold in the left steering version only. Approximately if sold in the right-handed version there are those who want to buy nah yah in Indonesia? There must be, wong Lamborghini Aventador just queue orders!