I this big issue known as climate change so

I chose this topic because I want to look into climate change and how much it damaged humans well being. As some of you may know already, one big issue recently has started becoming a really serious issue and it is global warming. It should be troubling you that the temperature is rapidly rising, glaciers are constantly melting whilst you are reading this, and the Arctic sea ice is disappearing so quickly that the walruses living on ice now are forced to live on dry land. If this news doesn’t shock you enough, then you must realise that several islands have been submerged under the sea level because the ice is melting into the water, therefore causing the sea level to rise alot. The only reason these horrible things are happening is because of us humans, creating and doing things that harm the environment examples such as polluting the natural air and causing the earth’s temperature to rise high enough to start melting the ice. The only way to stop this is to spread the word of this big issue known as climate change so that the world will be aware of future scenarios and therefore change their ways to preserve what is left of the world. Over the last 100 years, global temperatures have warmed by about 0.74 degrees Celsius on average. The change may seem minor, but it’s happening very quickly. Though it can still be difficult to tease out how much climate change plays in any given weather event, changes are occurring. Most of the warming occurred in the past 35 years, with 16 of the 17 warmest years on record occurring since 2001. Not only was 2016 the warmest year ever on record, but eight of the 12 months that made up that year, from January through September (except june) were the hottest ever on record for those 8 months. Unpredictable weather patterns are extremely dangerous and can get alot of people injured, or even worse, killed. Proof for this is in the news, there are constant natural disasters such as typhoons or earthquakes that have injured many people and destroyed many cities leaving them in mayhem, so we can easily conclude that this is a big problem.Over at Antarctica the arctic ice melts and opens up revealing resources hidden deep inside the beautiful yet dangerous ice. According to the U.S.A Geological Survey, 30 percent of the world’s undiscovered natural gas and 13 percent of its undiscovered oil was actually hidden below the ice for many many years! With this as a result, the military in the Arctic is starting to get more and more active, with the help of the United States, Russia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Canada holding talks about regional security and border issues in order to keep these resources safe from bandits. Several countries are also sending troops over into the cold north pole to prepare for increased border patrol and to respond to any disasters that could happen. At the meantime, our big oceans have absorbed alot of this increased heat from global warming, with the top 700 meters of water showing warnings of a mindblowing 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit ever since the 1969. You may think this is little change but to increase the huge oceans and so much water’s temperature will require so so much energy and the fact that the heat from global warming is enough to even raise the temperature of so much water never you mind 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit is absolutely astounding to hear should make you want to take immediate action to stop this.Burning fossil fuels are a great way to get energy but it is a big problem to our climate. When inconsiderate people burn fossil fuels, examples such as coal, oil and natural gas, to generate big amounts of energy. It has impacted the atmosphere so much more than any other single human activity. Globally, power generation is responsible for about 23 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Coal is also especially damaging to our atmosphere, because it releases 70% more carbon dioxide than natural gas for every unit of energy produced. Let me stop and remind you that carbon dioxide is NOT what humans breathe. We humans breathe oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide which means, we DO NOT NEED carbon dioxide for our bodies. With all this extra and unused carbon dioxide, it increases the greenhouse effect because more heat is trapped inside the atmosphere causing the planet to be warmer than it naturally is.I believe that people should do more to preserve and save the environment because this is the place where our future generations are going to live in. If we don’t preserve the world’s natural ecosystem we are going to be leaving our future generations into a sticky situation.Personally I would try to do everything in my power to spread awareness towards the younger generation because they are being badly influenced by the older generations. And recycling my rubbish after using it will also help out the world because this will do something to save up the world’s limited resources.If nothing changes, the weather forecast won’t be able to predict the weather so it will be extremely hard for people to plan events in the future. Also, it’s gonna be very dangerous because you never know when there will be a natural disaster in the future.Recently, people in Miami have noticed something unbelievable that has happened. People have seen warmer waters in the summer, subtle changes in the trade winds, more frequent algae blooms and most significantly, warmer and longer summers, therefore shortening winters. This has been a result of climate change. Moreover, the melting ice has caused sea levels to rise therefore covering up some of Miami’s lands. People in Miami are constantly trying to stop or at least slow down this problem, because the tides are getting higher and higher coming to the point that the water is going to cover up some places where people live. If nothing changes, it has been shown on google maps, that by 2100 the sea-level will rise from 10 to 12 feet, which would cause the Atlantic Ocean to wash over Miami and the Miami River to overflow. Therefore everything will be covered, leaving only the tops of skyscrapers to be seen showing above water.Climate Change has caused many problems across the Pacific Ocean. For many Pacific Island states, the current predictions for rising sea levels due to climate change will largely impact their land and territory. For island states such a Kiribati and the Marshall Islands, rising sea levels are immediate existential threat. These island states are on territory that rises only a few meters above the sea level at best. This means that any rise at all in the sea water level will eats dangerously into their limited and precious land. Other Pacific Island states will also be greatly affected. Five low-lying islands within the Solomon Island group have already been submerged! Changes in both geographic features and water temperatures also have the potential to change the fishing stocks that Pacific Islands states rely on for food security.The current predicted sea level rise is around 2 meters by the time of year 2100. And that would mean that for these three states they will almost be total submerged.I think that it’s good that people are looking ahead into the future about what is going to happen to their islands and that at least some parts of their community are trying their best to take action and preserve their home for future generations.As I write on, I figure this issue is relevant to me because the weather is begging to become very unpredictable due to the effects of ecosystem loss and is making it extremely hard for me to plan ahead for future outdoor activities. As a child I was taught to plan ahead and be as organized as possible. But I as who I am and with my personality, I couldn’t plan ahead or be organized for 14 straight years and I’m still trying my best to change my bad habits. At least now I have something to blame on everytime I make poor plannings! But jokes aside global warming is here therefore creating drier climates and increasing the destruction caused by wildfire season. I currently live in the hills with my mom, dad and sister. Coincidently there is alot of wildlife uphear and the air is extremely fresh. It would be a shame to encounter a unexpected wildfire that would be lethal to me and my families health and our safety. I also researched deep and found out that lightning now occurs more and more frequently striking down trees and plants, and an increase to these dead plants and trees would mean that there would be more to burn.To conclude everything, climate change is a huge problem and is affecting us human beings more and more as every day passes. I also concluded climate change can impact people who live in areas that are vulnerable to coastal storms, drought, and sea level rise. Also people who live in poverty, old people, and immigrant communities can be impacted hugely. Similarly, some types of jobs and industries may also face big problems from climate change. Professions that are closely linked to weather and climate, examples such as outdoor tourism, commerce, and agriculture will be greatly affected.