I then racing on to create the first human

I believe the technology of human cloning should be forbidden because it can pose a huge threat to the general public if the technology and the resources were to fall into the wrong hands. I also argue that it is morally wrong for humans to play god like cloning would let us do and it may damage the process of human evolution. When Dolly the sheep was born in 1996, she became the first cloned animal ever. After this, scientists managed to clone pigs, horses, and other animals and then racing on to create the first human clone.There are three types of artificial cloning: Gene cloning, Reproductive cloning and Therapeutic cloning and this is how it’s done:Gene Cloning: To make copies of a gene, you must first cut out the DNA from its source, and then paste it into the host which can replicate or copy itself.Reproductive Cloning: A mature somatic cell such as a  skin cell for example, is taken from the donor and the DNA in the cell is extracted and planted into an egg cell that has had its DNA removed. Therapeutic Cloning: Involves the process of replicating human embryos which is done by pulling out the DNA material from a donor cell and transferring it to a hollow egg.One advantage could be organ replacement. Scientists could extract a tiny amount of DNA from any organ and create a new and fully functioning one for people who are on the waiting list for an organ transplant. Another possible advantage with cloning could be helping infertile couples conceive (theoretically) although it is very unlikely to happen as i will prove to you in the section below. The potential dangers when it comes to cloning are enormous. The biggest issue with cloning is that most of the time, it fails, but that is not the greatest danger. Cloned mammals often suffer from serious genetic birth defects and might have a reduced lifespan compared to regular humans. Another threat would be cell mutation, human cloning could cause new and aggressive genetic diseases. Cloning is also very expensive, it is estimated to cost around 200,000 – 2,000,000,000 USD, which is a lot of money, which brings me on to my next point – Ethics. When you put a value on a clone you are putting a price on a human life, which is utterly wrong, Inhumane or cruel if you will, and you’re playing god at the same time. Even the scientist who created Dolly the sheep said he thought cloning humans would be a bad idea. Socially, cloning could decrease the amount of children born due to natural reproduction could drastically decrease since no effort would have to be put into try and conceive, which could possibly have unknown effects on human evolution as well as making the human gene pool smaller. It could be considered as ethically wrong as discussed in point 2.3. If cloning were to become a real thing available for the general public, then since as discussed in 2.3, it is very expensive and most people would probably not be able to afford it. It has already caused some political dispute and some scientists have accused politicians of trying to disrupt scientific development. Luckily, cloning has received a lot of criticism around the world and several countries including France and Britain have already banned human cloning. To conclude this report i would like to say i can understand why cloning could be seen as an opportunity to help people, but we know much too little to take any chances. We could probably master the art of cloning within some time and experience, but that experience would have to involve mistakes happening, meaning that children could have to suffer as a consequence because of the defects which could be brought upon by cloning and therefore it should be forbidden.