I services users and colleagues, for support and advice.

I joined the team on Aldervale ward approx 3 months ago.I was inspired to move, from what I’d heard about the team, its goals and values and what they achieve.I previously worked in PICU for 8yrs , and before that 10yrs in Adult acute, both complex, challenging & dynamic areas. I was excited about the move & I felt I could bring a lot through my experience to the team.I feel I have gained a lot of respect from the team, in my few months there. And have already, tried to add to, influence and support the service as it progresses. We have experienced and inexperienced staff, all who need a lot of guidance in an area like HDU, with its particular challenges. I try to lead by example, I feel that it’s best to show people, the way & how to do things rather than tell them.I believe that Clinical and professional leadership is vital in creating a culture of compassion and delivering safe, effective, high quality care. That the 6 C’s give us a framework which we can use to design the best outcomes for patients and the service as a whole.Through being compassionate, adaptable, being a strong role model. Holding strong core beliefs, that  align with the NMC code, Trust Values and goals. Showing resilience, responding to change, embracing it and helping others do so too.Enabling progress in the ‘hear and now’ and tomorrow. Working collaboratively with others. Learning and adapting and dealing with challenging clinical and professional situations.I aim to be innovative and use a problem solving approach in all aspects of my practice, to communicate that to the team, and help them developed these skills too. . To be motivational, to try to aspire and help others find direction.I believe that effective Communication is one of my strongest skills. It is at the absolute core of what we do as Professionals. It is key being able to give the High standards of care that is expected of us. I am comfortable, in situations where I need to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and also and effective listener, communicating my understanding, leading to action planning.Whether it be in 1-1 situations, where compassion, empathy and understanding are key, making a connection with someone and creating therapeutic nurses patient relationships.I feel that Communication is key, to making the people we work with feel understood and safe. Understanding and Communicating Organisational aims, the teams aims, the core principles of care, making sure that I and my colleagues have direction and purpose, being an ‘agent of change’, presenting and delivering information in meetings and interpersonal interactions .Building partnerships, recovery-focused relationships. But in all situations seeking out ways to create motivation, allow discourse and solve problems creatively. Seeking out every opportunity to promote health & prevent relapse.Communication is essential in care delivery, and improving outcomes. And safety and risk management.I make sure I am as available as I can be to both services users and colleagues, for support and advice. I am accountable, I am open to criticism and invite feedback, I encourage this in others too, to facilitate Clinical supervision and reflective practice and service improvement. To help us develop and grow as professionals. And achieve our potential.Monitoring, maintaining and improving service provision is the core of what we all do. I try to be as proactive as I can, to anticipate issues and address them. Working in Mental health is something I’ve been committed to for many years. I feel I have much, much more to give, and would use this opportunity to do, just that.