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I write down this statement of purpose with the same motivation I have in doing post-graduate studies. My aspiration for postgraduate studies in Network Security is to strengthen myself for the long-term intention of seeking a career in cybersecurity. The security of computer and networks has become a matter of utmost concern due to the swift rise in the usage of the Internet. Building the most secure network of computer systems and the Internet for the community is my ultimate aim. I have stayed focused on making significant efforts in this area during my undergraduate degree. I am certain that I have the understanding and ability to contribute to the research efforts at your institute.My initial introduction to computer networks was when I was in high school. My home internet connection was usually down, and I had to research various ways to make it work. To pursue my interest in Networking, I joined aan undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering at Maharshi Dayanand University. My interest and knowledge in Networking were perceived when I was exposed to the technical courses, the first of them being “Computer Networks,” where I studied the whole basics concepts of Networking. From the beginning of exploring about the OSI model layers, I was fascinated. My interest in Information Network Security originated when I attended an Ethical Hacking Training Program conducted by Lucideus, a notable Cyber Security Company in my University. With the training, I came to know about various elements like Honeypots, Dos Attacks, IP Spoofing etc. The course was intuitive and very easy to grasp. Its application and implementation could be seen everywhere. The computers in the labs connected to the internet via default gateways. It was indeed a wonder of modern technology, and I became resolved to grasp as much information of the network field as possible, both technical and theoretical, and also to achieve said knowledge in useful pursuits. I know that Networking makes possible a surplus of applications, from social networking over the Internet to linking organisations within private networks. It, however, looks like witchcraft, Or rather, a mighty adventure one that I most absolutely want to experience.In order to deepen my knowledge of the essence of practical aspects of Network Security, I enrolled in a summer training program in Networking Concepts with Security technology by HP Enterprise. It was a 60-hour long program destined to familiarise the students with – Networking models, protocols, algorithms, devices, the concept of Networking Security. Moreover, a lot of these topics were already well-known to me through my Networking studies in my engineering course, but the true distinction was the first-hand exposure to several networking devices like Routers, Switches and  Modems. A project was carried out by me at the end of the course.  During my final year, I gave a workshop on Ethical Hacking to my juniors.My undergraduate course transformed me into a better person, where I created a strong platform in Electronics and communication by learning the basic concepts of Circuits in lectures, laboratory hours, seminars etc.I have picked out this postgraduate program in Information Network Security, as this shall present me an opportunity to study the advanced areas of Security, which are barely touched during my previous degree. My paramount intention is to intensify and sharpen my practical implementation abilities.I am confident that my energy will precisely channelize for a meaningful contribution in the milieu of your institute.