I I pulled the cork and then a beautiful,

I was walking along the beach then  I found a bottle that looked really old there were word on it but they had some so you rubbed it. It said ” pull the cork and you’ll help me help you”. So I pulled the cork and then a beautiful, astonishing,mint  green genie came out of the bottle it kinda looked like Christina Aguilera but she was mint green with bright indigo hair. I was amazed and shook she said “your wish is my command”. As I stood there in shock  she wah staying stuff but I wasn’t listening until I asked “how many wishes do I have” You unlimited wishes but you can’t ask for love life or death. If you do I won’t be able to be your genie any more” she said really fast. “But this is impossible” I said. “No it’s not” she said nicely. “YES IT IS!!!!” I exclaimed. “No it’s no my dear, I am you personal genie”. Then I said “wait how many wishes do I get.” Unlimited my dear, at least until your deceased” she said with a smile. “Well my first prompt is to have a nice home, good clothes, and a good amount of food for me and my family.” I said very thoughtfully. As you wish master.then she clapped her hands together, and poof it went to what like the galaxy but no stars I was at a huge mansion and my brothers were playing in a magnificent pool, my mom was sunbathing, my dad was cooking on was cooking on a grill, and the dogs were playing in a gigantic, beautiful, bright green field of grass. Then I looked at myself and I was in a beautiful sun dress that was ocean blue and a gold cuff on my arm. “This is better than what i wished for” I thought to myself.About a week later of living with this amazing life I was getting ready in the morning when I realized I couldn’t find any clothes and my hair looked like a rats nest. Then I thought “Oh i still have a genie” “Genie oohh genie” She puffed up in a cloud of Indigo “Yes master”  “Please call me Danica, oh and umm I wish I could have personal stylist to do my hair, makeup, and help me pick out my clothes and I also need new clothes that are m style. I said very happily but with a groggy voice. “As you wish mas- Danica” Poof then there were three gorgeous girls one standing next to a hairdresser the other standing next to a bunch of Alex dros and a big mirror and the last one standing inside a huge closet with a bunch of clothes that look my style.