I I did it. I became an overnight star

I was first
introduced to computer in early school. One day, I attended web design &
development workshop in my school. I learned how to make a website using
HTML/CSS and put it online. And that is it, everything was online and everyone
can use it. Immediately after that I developed a website for my school and
uploaded it on free web hosting server. And when my principal looked at it, he
said, “It’s amazing”. Many friends started asking me, how I did it. I became an
overnight star in my school. And I started learning more and more about
developing websites etc. I always fancied myself with computers right from my
childhood and thought of becoming a software engineer got implanted in my mind
at an early age. After my schooling, I was determined to secure for myself a
position in the IT field. To accomplish this, I qualified in AMCAT Entrance
Exam for Amity University, India. I secured a good rank in the examination and
secured a seat in Computer Science Engineering in Amity University which is
No.1 private university in India. My journey towards real understanding of
Computer Science started here. The broad curriculum of Amity University allowed
me to get a feel of many aspects of computer science. As a part of my
curriculum, I studied various languages like C/C++, Java and SQL etc. I have
taken courses in Data Structures and Algorithms, Programming for web, mobile
and remote computing, Networks etc. And have secured above 76 percentile in

         During the tenure of my undergraduate
studies, I gained expertise in programming with C/C++ and Java and also
actively participated in coding competition on Hackerrank and CodeChef
platform. I was first prize winner in three inter-college competition:
Debugging, C Programming, Java coding competition. I have completed course on
Design and Analysis of Algorithms at Coursera with 88 percentile in it.

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         Besides coursework, to put theories
into practice, I developed a cross platform examination system application
using C++/Qt. This project aimed to take computerized test in an efficient
manner and to efficiently evaluate the candidate thoroughly through a fully
automated system that not only saves a lot of time but also gives fast results.

It was used in my university for conducting computerized test. I got letter of
appreciation from my university faculty for this project. My final year project
was Babble Messenger which was instant messaging app created for android
platform using Java, PHP/MySQL and Google Cloud Messaging API. It was used to
make communication between team members working on a single project convenient.

         To explore the vast expanses of the
software field, I secured an internship with Easyway PDDN IT Services PVT. LTD.

at the end of my 2nd year, where I worked for developing cross
platform GUI of Point of Sale system using C++/Qt. I was also responsible for
adding support for biometric devices like barcode scanner etc. This experience
gave me my first insight into working as a developer in a professional setting.

         During my college 3rd year,
I also formed a group named “Bugcoder”, in which we friends would meet on
weekends and improve our programming expertise and problem solving techniques.

We used to discuss about Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine
Learning etc.  Our group together
developed an efficient neural network for digit recognition too. After forming
this group, my interest for Artificial Intelligence kept growing each passing
day exponentially. As we know Natural Language Processing of the type used in
smartphones or Google translate has become commonplace. In California,
self-driving cars with sensors and GPS are tested that can autonomously drive
to your destination. IBM’s Watson system which defeated the best human players
in American TV quiz Jeopardy, shows that large scale knowledge based system can
have practical use. With my growing interest in Artificial Interest, I ventured
into writing a review paper on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence &
Associated Technologies. The Paper reviews various advantages &
disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence including its applications. It also
discusses the application of AI in the field of heavy industries, education,
aviation, weather forecasting and expert systems. The paper’s main aim was to
analyse the future potential of Artificial Intelligence. The paper has been
accepted for publication by International Journal on Recent and innovation
trends in computing and communication (IJRITCC).

         To develop a well-rounded personality,
I actively engaged in various extra-curricular activities. I was competent
communicator and chartered member of Pink City Toastmaster Club (District-41).

I had interest in singing in used to take part in singing competitions in my
school. Once I took part in district level singing competition, though I did
not win, I learned how it feels to be in front of so many people. I got that
stage fear out of me. I used to dance too. I performed in many school and
college level festivals. I am fitness enthusiast too particularly interested in
athletics. I have participated in 100m and 400m race and won first prize in
those competitions. As these experiences shows, I am highly motivated and
proactive at learning new skills and experiencing new things.








I joined
Virtusa in the month of November, 2016 and after joining I went through
training in Robotic Process Automation(RPA), as automation is the starting
point for Artificial Intelligence, so got into automation after learning
algorithms. In RPA technology there’s a tool named Automation Anywhere which is
used to automate the tasks which earlier required human interaction. So, I got
trained to automate the tasks using this tool. I learned it pretty quickly, as
I started exploring the tool profoundly and learned many skills on my own even
though trainer did not teach them. Even though it was a rigorous training,
there still some aspects of the software that the trainer could touch upon due
the time constraints. Therefore, I had to explore all the nitty-gritty on my
own, as there’s no spoon-feeding in the corporate world, thats the difference
between college life and corporate life. Not to mention this tool is
proprietary software, and very little resources are available online which I
could use to learn the tool. So, I learned the tool all by myself,
experimenting all the features of the tool. During the training there were some
assignments and assessments related to what we have learned so far, and my
performance was one best the whole batch of 60-70 students.


After the
training was over, I then started putting the small skills that we have learned
during the training to a bigger and a more practical use. It was this time when
we realized that using all the features together to make a more practically
usable task was far more difficult than we initially thought. After everyone
was done with experimenting the tool according to their own reach of
imagination. We then were assigned with some final assignments: some task which
can be used in the corporate world to solve the real problems. And as I
expected, it was a lot of fun to use the tool for solving bigger problems.

Ultimately, to my amazement I topped the final assessments and the trainer
really appreciated my interest and knowledge in the technology and the tool.

So, that proves that I learned a lot during the training and specially learned
the skill to learn by experimenting something, as there were very little to no
resources available online.


Now, once
we were done with the training, it was time to get onto some real projects.

Everyone wanted a development project, thats kind of a stereotype, so did
I.  My trainer recommended me to
Support-cum-Development project wherein I needed to take care of the
development as well as interaction of the client. As my trainer thought that I
have profuse knowledge of the tool and will be the right guy to communicate
with the client. Furthermore, I will be able to understand the technical
aspects of the code also. Therefore, from then on I dealt with customer and
worked with developers. So, I became a bridge between the my company’s development
team and client team, additionally I was part of the development team also.

That helped me learn how to interact with the client and understand his/her
concern, which in-turn helped me improve my communication skills.


Now, the
clients report us the issues with the code, that is running in the production
environment, to our team and we need to resolve the issues on our own. We need
to be very prompt in our responses, as we’re working in the production
environment and delay in anything can’t be entertained as it would a loss to
the company. So, this taught me how critical the things are in the corporate
world and that you can not delay anything because eventually everything has a
cost. Additionally, there are some day when I am inundated with the work and
can not solve every problem in the given time and thats where prioritizing and
organizing the work comes in handy. So, during the time of deluge of work, I
prioritized the work and make sure the most critical work is done on the time,
the less and not so critical work to be done later. So, this way I learned a
lot about why prioritizing and organizing the work is so important.


And lastly,
when I was getting good at my work my manager thrown some really difficult task
at me, actually difficult for others but passion for me: “knowledge
transfer”. Wherein, what all I’ve learned so far I had to teach it to my
juniors and make sure everyone understand it. Because, if they would not
understand that simply signals my incapability to teach. Moreover, as Einstein
has said : “If you can not explain to others, you probable have not
understood it well”. But, as teaching was my passion, I didn’t let my self
down. Hence, after the sessions were over everyone was really satisfied with
the knowledge they got and my manager really appreciated it. Now, the fact that
teaching was my cup of tea doesn’t make this task easier, because earlier I
only taught people in my mother tongue: Hindi. But this time I taught them in
english, as there were from different part of the india. So, this boosted my
confidence even further.