I factors affect this process the complex tax collecting

I am keen to
peruse my master studies in the field of Business Administration through
chevening scholarship especially core focus in taxation and finance.
Annually, both normal and development budget for over all organizations of
Afghanistan is about eight billion dollar which already Seventy percent paid by
international donors each year  however,
we can’t able to collect and fulfill just thirty percent domestic revenue  it’s so
disappoint for me and many other afghans all of them worried if foreign aid
once stop it it’s a biggest challenge for afghan government therefore I wish to
get master degree in mentioned field at least to support this area of revenue
through my knowledge and skills which will gained in UK . Four main factors
affect this process the complex tax collecting procedure, corruption in tax offices,
less usage of electric system and lack of capacity it’s quite possible to
support our budget at least 50 percent through professional educated youth in
the field of taxation with honesty and proper electronic system

Tax Revenue is one of the four revenue resources of Afghanistan (Tax revenue, Non-Tax revenue, Customs Duties and
Fees and Miscellaneous Revenue) which is important for economic development of Afghanistan.

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complex tax collection procedures prevent the revenue authorities to present effective services to the legal and natural persons
who are subjected to tax in Afghanistan. In addition, it discouraging the taxpayers and causes the taxes that could
collected remain uncollected
be tax evasion and corruption. These
type of
has harmful effects on economic
efficiently in general.

Both Afghan and
in spite of funded many projects but unable to simplifying the tax collection and payment in revenue authorities. The economic crisis, which will raise after leaving Afghanistan without international aid, is one of the important challenge of revenue
authorities in
of raising own
fund of
Being employee
at revenue department of ministry of finance, I have
experienced much complexity and unnecessarily tax collection procedures in my department which unwilling taxpayers
and once again it cause to couurption and tax evasion therefore I choose
mentioned courses.

I have good background and more than
five year experience in finance and taxation and BA Degree holder in computer
science and got one year diploma in business administration , I along with
colleagues  developed two small applications
for simplifying tax collection in ministry of finance at revenues system
directorate which expand both business knowledge and technology knowledge the
strong team work cause to  acquire and
get experience more about taxation procedure and law from professional taxation
team .

On my return my
utmost career objectives are the capacity
building of Revenue Department staff to increase the effectiveness and efficiency
in department an raise in domestic revenue, arrange seminars, presentations
about taxation procedure and income tax laws to taxpayers for awareness, amend
the required changes in to tax collecting procedure through the knowledge and
skills which acquire in UK in business and taxation.