I Engineering was the field I must pursue. What

I always think that the main difference between humans
and other animals is ability to think. Humans are gifted by the ability of
thinking and ability to ask questions. In childhood I was very curious and used
to asked many questions to my parents. Like how refrigerator works? How water
is lifted upward by pumps? How car engine works? But it was ground root for my
interest in research of mechanical domain. Since that early encounter, I was
intrigued by the wonders of engineering and technology. Being brought up in a
developing country like India, I have seen how technology impacts everyone’s
life. When I envisage about the realm of science and technology, I couldn’t
think of any domain that has contributed most towards the development of the
world but Mechanical Engineering. It covers some of the most interesting
phenomena and principles of science & engineering including machine design,
thermal engineering & fluid sciences etc.

During schools I was very enthusiastic about my
studies and my favorite subjects was science and mathematics. I secured 93.53%
in matriculation exam (SSC) .I was in one of the top 5 students in our school.
And subject topper in science with 100 out of 100 marks. I was awarded by
Maharashtra state board for full marks in science. My interest in science drove me to apply for math,
physics and chemistry in my higher secondary education. Right from my school
days, I was fascinated by all things in mechanical. Hence I opted to take
technical subjects like Workshop Technology and computer course in high school
itself. Foraying into these subjects made it clear to me that Mechanical
Engineering was the field I must pursue. What impressed me most was learning about machines and
their mechanisms. Thus, I had no doubts about my academic choices for under
graduate education. I took up Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from KBT College
of Engineering, affiliated with the Pune University. Since it is arguably the
broadest and the most multifarious engineering branch, I have been able to get
acquainted with the basics of a wide spectrum of disciplines viz. Fluid Mechanics,
Applied thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, IC Engine, Turbo Machines, Refrigeration and air conditioning,
Engineering, Power Plant Engineering, Machine design, Dynamics of Machines, Metallurgy, Theory of machines and
CAD-CAM. I underwent various useful software courses like AutoCAD,
Ansys, starccm, open foam. During graduation I worked on project vibration
analysis of beam using fft analyser. My undergraduate study
was a highly rewarding experience, during which I have participated in different
Industrial training programs.

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completing graduation successfully with distinction grade. Due to my intense
interest in the field of research in Mechanical Engineering I choose to go for
Masters Programme. I got admission in Master of technology in
Mechanical Engineering (Heat Power Engineering) at Vishwakarma institute of
technology Pune. Which is one of the top institute in our state.  My objectives of joining a Masters of
technology was I wanted to hone my intellectual abilities, to acquire in-depth
competence in my stream of engineering, to develop individuality and
conviviality, to learn for collective good and expand my horizons of knowledge.
It was at Master’s level where I got opportunities for further development as a
researcher for Mechanical Engineering.

I consider this part
of my education when I developed effective methods for grasping the concepts,
clearly understanding the basics through increasingly creative approaches. During
masters I explore subjects like CFD Computational
Fluid Dynamics, IC engine Fuels and
Combustion, Advanced
Thermodynamics, Thermo Fluids, Design of Heat Exchangers, Energy Conservation and Management, Electronic cooling and packaging Advanced