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I believe that all of the other less studied aspects of climate change together make me the most worrisome for our “common home”. We have come into a new age of change, with technology as the main focus within the world economy. Pope Francis himself said our “technocratic paradigm also tends to dominate economic and political life”, and it is clear that many that much of the economy is depending on the profit more than the positive impact it can create for people. Our world has issues grounded in problems that most of the time overwhelms our ability to see less theoretically, as people believe that the problems can be solved with more growth in the economic market. However, the economy and politics aren’t the sole causes for issues like global poverty and hunger. The social implications can work against people as frequently, many sectors important to society are disrupted and aren’t given inclusively to everyone. There are many that don’t receive the privilege in things like health-care and clean water. Strangely enough, one place will have them, but another place can’t because of contrasting factors. For example, there are countries that are rich in water, but in Africa, droughts and unsafe drinking water leave people to endure more drastic measures. People have argued that resources are scarce and that it’s hard to provide for every person in each community, and there are ways to help, but all things can’t be solved. People will often ask the question “what exactly can be done to have all the solutions accounted for”, and unfortunately, the answer can’t be seized sooner than hoped. Case in point, there has been the following change in movement with the environment and people. Previously, there was the talk of glaciers melting and disappearing because of global warming, and the coming of thousands of refugees from places like Syria, all in order to find a safer place to call home, which was countries like Turkey or Jordan, many that are still helping them today. Events much like these ones possibly left people hoping for things to be different and people to be up and ready to make a change. In the here and now, things are changing as times are easier for a some but harder for many. Often times I begin to feel overwhelmed by things I hear over the tv or the radio, all about things going on here as the world faces more issues that still are going on day after day. As more time goes by, people start to forget that they are capable of making their own possibilities and that they are better off together fighting for a better tomorrow. For example, us students are capable of spending awareness in our school community with lessons that help us become justice advocates for God’s creation, both us and the Earth. So far, we have strived to understand the whole big picture, as a full-time solution is still in the works. But although our”common home” isn’t perfect, there shouldn’t be no loss of hope, for God can lead us down the right path.