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I believe every kind of technology like everything else, needs to be cared for and nurtured, use it properly, get regular maintenance checks and timely service to give it the time to recover from the wear and tear. But we being the forgetful beings that we are overlook this simple fact. Especially when it comes to our domestic apparatuses; what follows is days and even months of inconvenience. That’s where El Cajon appliance repair comes to your rescue.

A firm determined to put a stop to all your appliance troubles and offer the best and prompt services. They have certified, factory trained workers with years and years of experience working for them to make our lives easier. They even have an in-house inventory of spare parts that helps them get to work as soon as you handover your appliance. On top of that they carry manufacturer replacement parts that offer a warranty. How cool is that? Also, they can service almost anything. From washer, stove, oven, dishwasher to refrigerators and freezers.

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About the Team

El Cajon Appliance Repair only takes certified technicians under their wing. Most of the workers have a prior experience of working with well-established brands like Amana, sub-zero, Dacor, Kenmore, Magic Chef, Viking, LG etc. Hence, it ensures best care possible and highest-possible standard of maintenance and services for your top of the line investment. These factors have helped the brand build a trust amongst the El Cajon community, something every brand needs.

All about Equipments

The brand boasts superior quality and in-house spare parts. Thus, no compromise is made when it comes to repairing your appliances. Also, instead of using generic spare parts, they only use manufacturer replacement parts that come with a guarantee. So, you can basically forget all about the product, because the company covered. All thanks to the huge inventory that carries about every possible spare part that could be needed on the process. Also, the trucks are well equipped with all the parts that generally tend to cause trouble and need replacing. This allows minimal time wastage and completion of work in just a visit. Thus, a win-win situation for everybody! The company has a very strict policy when it comes to following the rules and regulations hence every truck comes with a refrigerant recovery unit which prevents any contamination from making its way in to the atmosphere.